Angels and Archangels

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Angelic Armor Designs Original Illustrations of Angel and Archangel armor designs. From The Novel The Seers – New World Order


Spiritual Warfare Protection:

Just as Angels work to protect the physical body of humans, they also (and even more diligently) work to protect the human soul from demonic attack. From attack with swords and other spiritual weaponry, a Guardian is forever diligent in protecting his Mortal Assignment to the greatest of their abilities. (However, it should be noted here that despite the protection from Guardians, the individual’s soul still may become corrupted out of their own choices to pursue Vice. Or, conversely, a guardian may fail regularly from protecting their assignment’s soul-body—as is often the case for a Seer when the Archangel is called elsewhere to battle—and the persistent demon attacks may prove little harm to the individual’s soul due to their disciplined path of Virtue.)

The most common Spiritual Weapon is the Angel’s or Demon’s sword. These swords are actually Energy Wands, but are generally seen as human weapons by the Seer (due to Cognitive Projection). Spiritual weapons are most likely constructed of concentrated forms of high frequency Orgonic Energy. At least one Seer-Scientist (Dr. Preston Underwood) believes that Orgonic Energy is “cast” into spiritual weapons or other invisible objects. These weapons will cause harm to Spiritual Beings when “stabbed” or “cut.” Although Spiritual Beings cannot be “killed” by them (unless in their Transmuted Spiritual Body), it is known that strikes from these weapons will cause temporary damage to the spirit body of an Angel or Demon. Spirit Armor appears to be impenetrable, thus heavily armored Archangels usually can fight indefinitely without injury. Swords/Energy Wands cannot harm a human soul unless the weapon makes contact with a diseased portion of a soul (a lower vibrational energy portion of the soul-body). Spiritual Weaponry generally appears like human weaponry to the Seer, but to the educated Seer, appears as glowing forms of energy. Swords/Energy Wands can be linked to an object within the physical plane (Physical Shell). When this happens, the physical object becomes a Spiritual Transmitter. See Swords (of Angels and Demons).

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