Written and Created by M.D. Kaczkowski

Cover Design: M.D. Kaczkowski
Etchings by Gustave Dore
Sinister eyes photograph by Lobke Peers, from (modified by M.D. Kaczkowski)
Back cover photo: M.D. Kaczkowski

Book and Website Illustrations
Gustave Dore – Various Old Bible illustrations
Antonis Papantoniou – Soul and soul diseases, angel, and j.a. illustrations
M.D. Kaczkowski – Soul diseased-skin close-ups, charts, graphs and Hermeneutics illustrations in Handbook.

Original 3D Animation and Creation
Antonis Papantoniou

Original Soundtrack and Music
Scilestial Studio, composer: Jason Watts

Website design contributors: M.D. Kaczkowski, Gabriel Solis

Website Image design and Layout: Gabriel Solis

Book and Ebook Formatting:



-The Seers – Heavenly Ambience-


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