Our Lady of Guadalupe

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John opened the note with his latex-gloved hands and read it aloud. \”December twelfth, Our Lady of Guadalupe Holiday is the only sighting of the Virgin Mary the day before Friday the thirteenth. Christ\”™s crucifixion was on Friday. Twelve patriarchs, twelve tribes of Israel, twelve steps of the temple, twelve jewels of the priest\”™s breast plate, twelve disciples plus Jesus equals thirteen.”



Digital technology is giving new leads for understanding a phenomenon that continues to puzzle science: the mysterious eyes of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Scientists that the image was created as early as the 18th century, and have showed that it was impossible to paint such an image in a fabric of that texture. The “ayate” fibers used by the Indians, in fact, deteriorate after 20 years. Yet, the image and the fabric on which it is imprinted have lasted almost 470 years”



Richard Kuhn, the 1938 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, found that the image did not have natural animal or mineral colorings. Given that there were no synthetic colorings in 1531, the image is inexplicable. Also, the eyes reveal a total of thirteen people. The same people are present in both the left and right eyes, in different proportions, as would happen when human eyes reflect the objects before them.


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