My Dear Students,

We have reached the end of our journey together and it is my hope that you and the souls of your dimension will benefit greatly from what I have shared with you. There is one story I never finished telling you, personal in nature, but all the same, of interest to you.

Vespasia was her name.

She was the only woman I have ever loved, and as I shared with you earlier, was the only one I’ve ever met who had all the seer abilities as myself.

We met in Tuscany during a time when we both seemed held to the earth. There was no more being pulled away to far off lands. It seemed clear to both of us that it was our love for each other that kept the invisible portals away, from finding us, from taking us against our will. As long as we were together, we were safe.

Then one day, to both our amazement, we discovered Vespasia was with child. We were amazed because experience had told us that our seer abilities made us incapable of having children.

When we had our son, who Vespasia insisted be named after me, we continued to live a life of what I believe was true heaven on earth – until the day I watched her face change.

She was holding our infant son in her arms when her smile melted away before me. Her eyes filled with a dreadful knowledge, and just after she pushed our son safely into my grasp, she vanished.

I have never seen her again, despite my continual search.

Immediately after I watched her be taken from me, I feared that I too would be pulled away. So, as fast as I could, I ran to one of the vineyards nearby where I knew a man with a pure soul. He was a skilled and humble vintner and his wife was unable to have children. Upon tearfully placing my son in his wife’s grateful arms, I too was pulled away.

You may wonder why I am sharing this story with you after I’ve already shared so much. You see, my dear students, the humble Italian vintner that raised my son was named Dominick Scarcepho.

To the best of my abilities I have kept watch over my descendants, helping and guiding at any opportunity. I know this is Vespasia’s wish.

Maria is so much like her.


– j.a.