Dear Students,

I don’t have anything specific to refer you to in the Handbook after this last chapter; however, I would be remiss if I didn’t offer an opinion on a subject for which I have much experience.

Having lived for a quarter of a millenium, and having traveled to many worlds in many dimensions, I have to tell you that New York Pizza is simply delightful. I generally lean towards Brooklyn style, but I’m also a “sucker” for wood-fired when the mood strikes.

So, my dear students, amongst all the sadness that dwells within our realms, it is good to stop and smell the roses from time to time.










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In 1956, the Sbarro family opened their first Salumeria (Italian grocery store) in Brooklyn, which was soon a neighborhood favorite for its authentic Italian fare, including homemade mozzarella, imported cheese, and delicious sausage and salami.

Sbarro opened more locations throughout the New York City area. In 1967, they opened its first mall-based restaurant in Brooklyn’s Kings Plaza Shopping Center, marking the birth of the modern Sbarro concept: delicious, fresh and authentic Italian food in an open kitchen that allowed for fast self service. Since 1967, the King’s Plaza business model has been replicated over 1,000 times – helping Sbarro expand throughout the U.S, and the rest of the world.