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Possession, Possessed, Demon Possessed:

Taken From The Seers – New World Order, handbook; The exciting Scilestial novel by M.D. Kaczkowski


There are three types of Possession:

  1. Parasitic Possession: This possession occurs where there is a “crack” or fracture” in the host’s soul-body and the Spiritual Entity “latches” onto this opening, “Feeding” on the Bioenergy of the host.
  2. Shared Possession: This type of possession is commonly called “Soul-Sharing.”
    This occurs when an agreement is made between the host and Demon where the host allows his soul to be “shared” (hosted) with the Demon “on a part-time basis” in exchange for earthly “rewards.” There are also degrees to Soul Sharing where the individual may allow for a Parasitic (partial possession) sharing of his soul (so the host can maintain physical and cognitive control) or a “part time” Complete Possession. For a Complete possession, the host’s obligation is to remain on a path of Vice during the times the Demon “withdraws” from the host body. It is assumed that during the time the Demon withdraws from full control of the host’s soul-body, that it still remains “latched” Parasitically. The demon’s obligation in a Shared Possession (though rarely performed as agreed) is to use its influences in the Physical Dimension to provide wealth and power to the mortal host. Many powerful politicians and celebrities receive their status from Soul-Sharing. Often Soul-Sharing is initiated by deception from the use of “Masking.”
  3. Complete Possession: This type of Possession is when a Demon has full control over the individual’s body in the Physical and Thought Planes of Reality by completely inhabiting the host’s soul-body. As the stories in the New Testament reveal (i.e. Matt. 8:28-34), Demons can be forced out, and a human soul can be freed from Demonic control. Demon possession usually occurs by force on a diseased Soul, but can also be willfully chosen by an individual whose Free Will is devoted to the Path of Vice. Feeding is always accomplished within any degree of Possession.



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