The Seers’ Handbook


M.D. Kaczkowski, author of The Seers: New World Order, included The Seers Handbook to his debut novel as a way to give the reader a roadmap to the new world of Scilestial Fiction he has created.
Throughout The Seers, readers are instructed to consult The Seers Handbook, as well as to view videos, images, and content on the accompanying Website, QR codes are scattered throughout the book, further adding interactive content for readers to enjoy. There are also many beautiful original illustrations.
The Seers Handbook is 70 pages long and describes hundreds of terms. It explains the characteristics of angels, prescriptions for soul healing, meditations, a hierarchy of spiritual beings, and many facets of the unseen world that exist all around us. But the explanations have a unique twist that make it different from other spiritual fiction has by using scientific terminology. This aspect of the Seers World is the “Sci” (for science) element of the Scilestial concept Kaczkowski has created. The Handbook also contains numerous original illustrations.
A sample of entries includes the following: Ancient Order of Seers; Archangel; Cognitive Projection; Demonic-Magic; Mythical Creatures; Soul-Sharing; and Spiritual Warfare.
Here is the entry for seer: A Prophet. One who can see and hear certain frequencies of the Spiritual Dimension of existence. It is believed that Seers are put on the earth to help remind humanity of their Spiritual, eternal existence and not to live only for the temporal benefits of the physical Dimension. Their mission is usually focused at exhorting others towards more virtuous living while also exposing the dangers of Vice to the eternal human Soul. Basic Seerology states that individuals are born (chosen) as Seers, receiving their first visions of the Spiritual Dimension in late pre-pubescence, with their vision maturing in the early-twenties. Many believe the Seer-sight is genetic, linked to an undiscovered cosmic or Spirit DNA. Seers also have special gifts called Seer-Powers (super power): some can see the future, others have amazing intuition, some are physically very strong (Samsonism), and most of them have the ability to transmute Spiritual Energy (Enchantment) into the physical realm thereby bending the laws of the physical universe to create “miracles” (this is most commonly done with a Spiritual Transmitter, but some low level miracles, such as mind manipulation, can be done without a transmitter). Their gifts are many, and can be very powerful, but are often limited due to the extreme discipline it requires to maintain control of their physical body amidst their continual exposure to the Spiritual Dimension. Seers are also known as Prophets, Magicians, Sorcerers, Wizards and Witches and other names given throughout human history. Their lives on earth are often filled with pain and suffering as they have been socially out-casted, ostracized, hunted down and killed, tortured, crucified, burned at the stake, and in recent times, locked in asylums where they are force fed anti-psychotic pharmaceuticals.
A small enclave within the Order of Seers espouses the theory that Seers are actually descendants from another race of humans that once existed in a different level of the Physical Dimension and were brought into the current Physical plane by Angels to help guide humanity. Those that hold this theory generally believe that Seers were brought into this level of Dimension after the Flood of Noah to ensure humanity would not corrupt as easily as the people of the antediluvian world.
An imaginative spiritual world has been birthed by the mind of Kaczkowski and the handbook provides essential and interesting supportive information for the reader who is eager to immerse himself in a whole new world.
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