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Edited and Complied by Dr. L. Jeremiah

Introduction to the Seventh Edition

The seventh edition of the The Seers\”™ Handbook is still suitable reading for the young Seer, but also has been expanded in the sections on Hermeneutics and Trioptos Meditation, therefore making it a perfect pocket-reference for the novice and veteran Seer alike. For further reading, feel free to contact me directly, or through your Mentor, and I will gladly provide you with more exhaustive references, both ancient and modern.

A special thanks must be given to Michael Feinberg, our new Mayor of New York City, for the collection and cataloging of many ancient Seer texts. He is currently having the New York collection microfilmed and has graciously appointed me the contact and head librarian.

Always at your service.

-Dr. Lucis Jeremiah, New York City, January 2002

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– Hierarchy of Spiritual Beings

– Hierarchy Explained

– Characteristics of Angels

Soul Diseases

– Prescriptions for Soul Healing

Trioptos Meditation

Benjamin Franklin\”™s Virtue List

Hermeneutical Principles

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Selected Glossary

a-priori: Pre-existent knowledge, ability, and/or talent that is programmed into the soul from Infinite Intelligence (God, Theos). Some Seer scholars conjecture the origin of this knowledge is acquired from centuries of soul trans-migration, thus the term, \”Old Soul,\” to describe young ones that are born with high amounts of a-priori. In context with the Physical Plane, a-priori would be encoded in the DNA from Creation. Also see Charisma, Creation, Intuition, Prophecy, Soul.

Acacia Wood: Acacia, or the Hebrew, Shittah, is an insect resistant desert wood coming from the Acacia tree. It is believed to be one of the ideal organic substances used for the Physical Shells of Spiritual Weaponry needed to create Spiritual Transmitters. Its unique molecular structure is ideal for channeling energy from the Spiritual plane into the Physical plane. When combined with precious metals, it seems to work as a type of spiritual catalyst or perhaps a synergistic combination of both organic physical matter and inorganic. The Art of the Covenant was constructed from Acacia and overlaid with Gold. See Ark of the Covenant, Enchantment, Mineral, Metal, Ring of the Anti-Christ, Spiritual Transmitters, Staff of Moses, Physical Shell, Wood.

Ancient of Days: See God.

Ancient Order of Seers: A non-sectarian clandestine group of Seers/Prophets that has existed throughout history since the beginning of civilization. The Order has been the main preserver of ancient scriptural manuscripts throughout human history. The Ancient Essenes is an example of a manuscript recording and archiving group of Seers within the Order and are best known for providing us with the Dead Sea Scrolls. A collection of ancient Seer writings and manuscripts is said to exist within a climate-controlled vault somewhere within the Ivory Tower. Other ancient sub-terrestrial libraries exist in clandestine locations throughout the world and within other Physical planes.

Antediluvian: Referring to the time before the biblical flood, The Flood of Noah.

Angel: (Eupneumasoma) (you-new-ma-so-ma) Angel, from the Greek angelos, literally a \”messenger.\” Angels are intelligent non-corporal (non-physical) Spiritual Beings that exist within the Spiritual Plane/Dimension. Powers, Principalities, Rulers, Dominions, Messengers and Spirits are also other names for both Angels and Archangels. The \”scientific\” word Seers sometimes use is: Eupneumasoma, which simply means \”good spirit body.\” See Archangel, Guardian Angel, and Chapter on Angelology.

Anti-Christ, The: The human possessed by Lucifer (Satan) is known as The Anti-Christ. His main objective is Lucifer\”™s objective, which to free himself from the curse God put on him and to rule over humanity. There have been many Anti-Christs throughout human history; the three most infamous are perhaps The Pharaoh of the Exodus, Caesar Nero and Adolf Hitler. In order for Lucifer to have access to all his powers as the Anti-Christ, the human subject must willingly submit their body for possession. Also see Possessed.

Archangel: (Archeupneumasoma) (arch-you-new-ma-so-ma.) A very powerful Angel. When Archangels are assigned to Mortals, they are only assigned to Seer Mortal Assignments and never Myops (non-Seers). Archangels are the strongest of the Angels, and are fit with superior spiritual weaponry. When an Archangel is bound to a Mortal Assignment, they are also considered a Guardian Angel, however, unlike common Guardian Angels, Archangels have the ability to leave their Mortal Assignments to fight in spiritual battles anywhere in the Universe. Also See Angel and Chapter on Angelology.

Arch-Anthron, The: The name of the Seer \”spiritual office\” of the \”Prime-Man\” or \”Preeminent-Man.\” The Arch-Anthron is the Mortal Assignment of Michael The Archangel. The Arch-Anthron historically becomes the head of The Order of Seers when he reaches maturity and has often been worshiped as a form of deity throughout history. Moses, Elijah and other great miracle workers were The Arch-Anthron of their time. The Arch-Anthron is generally addressed as Archon. See Archon, Michael The Archangel, Enchantment, Staff of Moses.

Archon: Is the addressing title of The Arch-Anthron. It is the Greek word meaning \”ruler\” or \”lord.\” See Arch-Anthron.

Ark of the Covenant: The consensus among most Seers is that the Ark of the Covenant was the mystical embodiment of Infinite Intelligence/Infinite Love dwelling within the Physical plane of reality. It represented the Pre-Incarnate God-Man. It was placed within the inner most section (The Holy of Holies) of the Hebrew Tabernacle, and later the Temple of Yahweh. The Ark\”™s construction of Acacia Wood and Gold made it a perfect physical combination of elements (a high powered Spiritual Transmitter) for channeling energies from the Spiritual plane. The Ark is said to have glowed with a radiant energy (called Shekinah) and it was recorded that Moses received direct communication from God when in the presence of the Ark. Many Seers believe the Ark still exists, perhaps buried within a subterranean desert chamber with other holy relics and treasures. Other accounts claim the Ark was taken into another dimension of the Physical Plane and not only exists there without damage, but is also worshiped by the inhabitants. See Dimension, Spiritual Transmitters, Physical Shell, Staff of Moses, God-Man.

Asceticism: A life characterized by the relinquishing of worldly possessions and pleasures. This also includes regular fasting, meditation and prayer. Throughout history, Prophets (Seers) and leaders of The Ancient Order of the Seers were (are) predominantly ascetics.

Auto-Formatic Lifeforms (Auto-forms), Autoformation(v): Low-sentient \”Third Sphere\” Spiritual Beings. When seen (which is rarely), they will often Cognitive Project as clouds or smoke. It is believed that they are more \”energy\” than \”Being,\” having little or no Will of their own. Spiritual Armor, \”Moths\” and \”Leaches\” are believed to be highly programmed Auto-forms. See Spiritual Dimension, Leach, Moth, and Chapter on Angelology.

Bioenergy: The energy emitted from all living Beings within the Physical Dimension. Bioenergy, or the Human Energy Field, is believed to be transmuted Life Energy (Orgone) emitted from the Physical body. Bioenergy is extremely desired by Demons. Human Bioenergy is the most potent and radiant of all physical life forms. See Chakra, Feeding, Orgone, the Chapter on Angelology.

Black Magic: See Demonic-Magic, Enchantment.

Blood: The spiritual power of blood has been known by ancient cultures and has been used in atonement sacrifices since the beginning of human history. Christian theology claims that the God-man\”™s blood sacrifice made it possible for all sins to be atoned. The different schools of thought within the Order make it difficult to summarize a cohesive theology, however, it is agreed without argument that blood is saturated with Bioenergy and distributes this energy throughout the the cells of the physical body. The Elements and molecules that are formed together in an organized pattern (micro-crystals) which transmit and transmute certain frequencies of both Orgonic energy and energies from the Spiritual Plane into the Physical Plane make up the chemistry of blood. It is hypothesized that these factors enable blood to be a unique Spiritual Transmitter. See Metal, Mineral, Physical Shell, Spiritual Transmitters, Wood.

Chakra: Chakras are energy centers running along the spine of the physical body. Chakras one through six (out of seven) are the centers that drawn the UEF (Universal Energy Field, or Orgone) into the body. Chakras are energy attractors and convertors. As the UEF is drawn into the Chakras, it is then converted into Bioenergy and used by the body. Obtaining human Bioenergy (Feeding) is a major focus of Demonic activity. See Bioenergy, Feeding, Moth, Leach, Orgone, Possession and Chapter on Angelology.

Charisma: The Greek word charisma means, \”favor given\” or \”gift of grace.\” It is the formal term used for \”Seer-Power.\” See Intuition, Samsonism, Seer-Power.

Chi (qi): See Orgone.

Christ: Christ is a title meaning \”Anointed One.\” In Hebrew and other scriptures it was believed that the Christ (the Messiah) would redeem suffering in the Physical plane as well as the Spiritual plane. The belief among many Seers is that \”The Christ\” was Jesus of Nazareth and brought both energy and power to all dimensions of existence.

Churning: The act of a demon\”™s sword piercing diseased soul-flesh. Churning simulates the soul\”™s desire to pursue Vice, but this desire is never more powerful than the Free Will of the individual. Churning only creates more opportunity for the mortal to choose Vice over Virtue. In the Scriptures this is known as \”giving them over to their sin.\” Also see Soul Whispering.

Chronographism: (From the Greek, Time+Write, aka, Time-Writer) Is an extremely rare and mysterious Seer-Power that is characterized by amazing self-healing powers (to the point of possible physical immortality), and the ability to transfer complete memories and experiences to other Seers. It is believed that Time-Writers\”™ chief purpose is to record history and transfer it to other Seers so that the lessons learned from history are not forgotten. See Charisma, Intuition, Samsonism, Seer-Power.

Cognitive Projection: The trans-dimensional law that projects Seers\”™ conscious and subconscious understanding of the laws of the Physical Dimension and the Omniverse into their experiences with the Spiritual Dimension. This law explains why Spiritual Beings may appear to look human, have wings and other animal-like features. It also explains why Spiritual Weaponry appears as human weapons. See Symbolic Visualization, and the Chapter on Angelology.

Creation: 1) Creation generally refers to the foundation of the physical universe (Matter and all physical life forms including Humanity and the Thought Dimension.) Conservative Seer Scholars place this event within a short period of time, rejecting modern evolutionary theory. Some Seer scholars embrace evolutionary science, citing that evolution is simply the mode of creation used by Infinite Intelligence. However the various theistic evolutionary paradigms do not offer explanations for the creation of spiritual life forms. There is also some disagreement regarding how many \”creations\” existed. The \”two-creation theory\” states that the Space-Time and spiritual realms, including the Angels, were created first, and then man, the Physical and Thought Dimensions were created later. In general discussion, this latter creation is normally understood as \”Creation.\” 2) Creation also refers to the seen Universe and everything within it, including the Spiritual realm.

Crystals: Inorganic physical elements or molecules that exist in an organized pattern that enable transmission of certain frequencies of both Orgonic energy (Life Energy) and energies from the Spiritual Plane into the Physical Plane. Crystals and precious stones have high-energy transmission and transmutation capabilities, i.e. quartz (silica), diamond (carbon), emeralds, and rubies. See Blood, Mineral, Metal, Orgone.

Cyclopes: A race of primordial giants, each with a single eye in the middle of their forehead. Cyclopes are believed to either come from another plane of the Physical Dimension, or are what the Ancient Hebrews called the Nephilim\””or both of these theories are possibly correct. Cyclopes actually have three eyes, but the two stereoscopic eyes are usually sunken into their heads and eventually lose their sight as they age. Therefore, Cyclopes primarily rely on the vision from their forehead eye. There are some Cyclopes that have a \”quasi-eye\” or \”Enchanted eye\” on their foreheads, which appears as an Ancient Egyptian-style tattoo, and awakens when needed or stimulated by the Intent of evil desire, greed, lust and other Vices. These creatures are said to have come through the Giza Pyramid Portal that linked at least two physical planes of Dimension. Cyclopes are often referred to as \”demonic humanity\” since they seem to have a reverse morality structure, believing Demons to be \”good\” and Angels \”bad.\” Cyclopes serve the Demons with blind devotion and loyalty. It is also believed that Cyclopes are a completely deceived race of Sensitives. See Dimension, Enchant, Nephilim, Physical Dimension, Sensitives.

Dead Sea Water: The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth and is believed at one time to be a Dimensional Portal into the Spiritual Plane. Also called the Salt Sea, it is a \”salt lake\” (containing many dissolved minerals) bordering Jordan to the east and Israel and the West Bank on the west. It is also the deepest hypersaline lake in the world. It is 8.6 times saltier than the ocean. The high concentration of dissolved minerals makes it impossible for physical life to survive in it; yet, ironically, it has indisputable healing properties. In fact, Dead Sea spa treatments are even \”covered\” by Israeli insurance companies. However, its powers go beyond mere physical healing, tapping into the Spiritual domain. Although the water molecule is already cosmically linked to the Spiritual Plane, the spiritual properties of Dead Sea Water are mysterious. It is hypothesized that its unique combination of dissolved minerals act as a unique Spiritual Transmitter similarly to the way other minerals work when used as Physical Shells in Spiritual Transmitters. See Blood, Metal, Mineral, Physical Shell, Spiritual Transmitters.

Deborah: Was the great Hebrew Prophetess, Judge and Warrior that had Gabriel The Archangel as her Guardian. Thus \”Deborah\” has become the title of all the Mortal Assignments of Gabriel. The title is revered by many as equal to the Arch-Anthron. Also See Arch-Anthron, Gabriel The Archangel, Michael The Archangel, Mortal Assignment.

Demonic-Magic (Demonic-Enchantment): Is the wielding of Demonic spiritual powers within the physical plane of existence though the use of Spiritual Transmitters. Also known as Black Magic, it is only used by the demon-possessed, thus the will of the Enchanter is that of its spiritual conqueror (demon). Rarely in history has a non-possessed individual discovered the ability to wield Spiritual Weaponry. Seers that have evoked Enchantment have never been known to use the powers for Dark forces. It is logically supposed that if a Seer were to use Enchantment for Dark forces, that this would constitute the embracing of the most wicked Vice, and would thus rapidly disease the soul, allowing for quick possession. See Enchantment, Spiritual Transmitters, Ring of the Anti-Christ.

Demon: (kakpneumasoma) (kack-new-ma-so-ma.) Demon, from the Greek, daimon, \”a divinity,\” and the Latin daemon, \”evil spirit.\” Demons are members of the same group of Spiritual Beings as Angels (Eupneumasoma.) Demons chose to follow Lucifer in his rebellion against God and were therefore cursed with Lucifer. Demons continue to serve Lucifer\”™s will as servants. According to the \”two creation theory,\” it is believed that Lucifer led the Demons (former Angels) into rebellion after the creation of Man because he was jealous of man. Demon is the historical \”religious\” term, while Kakpneumasoma is the \”scientific\” term Seers may use, which simply means \”bad spirit body.\” Also See Chapter on Angelology.

Demon Possessed/ Demon Possession: See Possessed.

Dimension or Plane: A realm of existence. The three main planes are: Physical, Thought and Spiritual. No one is sure how many dimensions exist, but all dimensions are linked with each other following trans-dimensional (omniversal) laws. Each dimension has a wide spectrum of energy within it and is also \”constructed\” of a wide spectrum of vibrational frequencies\””analogous to our known electromagnetic spectrum. Ancient Seer writings speak of many \”levels\” or planes within each Dimension and these Levels have doorways or Portals, while some levels may simply be entered by faith of its existence. In ancient times many Seer-alchemists knew how to dwell or hide within the different planes of the Physical Dimension. The Pyramids of Ancient Egypt were at one time active trans-Dimension portals to different Physical planes. The stories of dragons, unicorns, Cyclopes and other \”Mythical creatures\” are believed to originate from experiences within at least one of these Physical planes. See Physical Dimension, Spiritual Dimension, Thought Dimension.

Dimensional Doorway, Portal: An opening or entryway into another Dimension or other Level/plane within a Dimension. Known dimensional doorways have been the Pool of Siloam in Jerusalem, Uluru in Australia, Mt Kailash in Tibet, Macchu Picchu in Peru, the Giza Pyramids in Egypt, Sedona in Arizona USA, and Stone Hedge in England. Some have speculated that there also exists \”invisible floating portals\” that are drawn or pulled by Seer-Magic. A Dimensional Rift is usually an unstable opening. Some Seers have proposed the theory that the Ice Age occurred when a rift to another Physical Level was \”torn open\” and the sub-zero temperatures within that plane flooded into our own.

When Angels \”cut\” a trans-Dimensional opening \”in the air,\” the doorway is believed to go to the Highest Plane of the Spiritual Dimension\””\”Heaven,\” \”Paradise\” or, \”The Eternal Now\” which may or may not be the same place and may exist outside of, or on the boarder of Space-Time. See Dimension, Portal-Magnetic, Level.

Diseases (of the Soul): When the path of Vice is pursued through Free Will, the human soul becomes diseased. These diseases are lower vibrational energy portions of the soul-body and therefore can be penetrated by Spiritual Weaponry. See Soul and the Chapter on Soul Diseases.

Enchant / Enchanted: Enchanting is the act of using a Spiritual Transmitter (such as a wand, ring or staff) to cast or fill another physical object (or living thing) with \”Intented\” (or Intent-Programmed) Spiritual Energy. It is a \”Spell.\” A verbal spell is not necessary to Enchant, nor is the \”correct pronunciation\” of a word or phrase necessary. Although Enchanting is often done verbally, it is always the Thought Intent that enables the Enchant to occur. For complicated Enchants to be successful, they usually need to be constructed on paper before Intenting. There are Books of Enchants (\”Spell books\”) that help train Seers to align their Focused Intent into an Enchant. The most powerful Enchanters are the one with strong Focused Intent. Very powerful Enchanters do not always require Spiritual Transmitters to Enchant. Also see Enchantment, Focused Intent, Intent-Program, Spiritual Transmitters.

Enchanted Object: Enchanted objects contain Spiritual Energy that enable them to have certain abilities, \”powers\”, or \”laws\” that do not normally exist within the Physical Dimension. Enchanted objects reflect the Intent of the Enchanter (or Magician.)

Enchanter: One who uses or evokes Enchantment (Magic).

Enchantment (Seer-Magic): Sorcery, Seer-Magic, Magic, Black Magic, are all names for the skilled channeling and transmutation (Intent-Programming) of Spiritual Energy into the Physical Dimension. It is the Science and Art of causing change to occur in any of the Levels of the Physical Dimension in conformity with the Focused Intent of the Seer (or demon possessed individual.) When Enchantment is wielded by a knowledgeable Seer that engages in Trioptos meditation (having strong Focused Intent), great \”miracles\” can be performed by \”bending\” the laws of Space-Time. The miracles of Moses, Elijah and other Seer-Prophets are examples of Enchantment. Also, traditions and myths regarding Magicians, such a Merlin, have their origins in Enchantment. Typically all Seer-Magic is wielded through the use of a wand (thus, \”magic wand\”), rod (staff) or ring. These physical objects are mere Spiritual Transmitters for Spiritual Energy Wands, or other type of Spiritual Weapon, that exist in the Spiritual Plane. The bonding of the Spiritual Weapon with a physical object (Physical Shell) requires great skill and has not been done in modern times, as it is believed to be a lost art. The creation of wands, rings, and staffs was the work of Seer-Alchemists throughout the ages. Since \”magic wands\” and other Spiritual Transmitters have not been created for centuries, there are few of them left and are extremely valuable to those who know how to wield their power. Many ancient Seer writings speak of planes within the Physical Dimension where Enchantment is common practice. See Demonic-Magic Enchant, Energy Wand, Spiritual Transmitters, Physical Shell, Spiritual Weaponry, Staff of Moses, Ring of the Anti-Christ, Will.

Energy Wands: See Swords, Enchantment, Spiritual Weaponry.

Enlightenment: See Trioptos.

Eschatology: The study of end times, or last days.

Eternal Now, The: Theorized to be the \”Heaven\” outside of the creation of Space and Time where time can be seen \”from above\” as one moment. Some proponents of The Eternal Now theory believe that when souls reach Heaven, they reach it \”all at the same time\” despite their migrations spanning thousands of years, thus there would be no souls \”waiting\” in Heaven because \”we get there all at the same time.\” Not all proponents of The Eternal Now espouse this understanding, but instead believe souls can \”see\” all of Space-Time at once since they exist outside of it, thus are able to \”watch over us.\” See Heaven.

Eupneumasoma: (you-new-ma-so-ma) Means \”good spirit body.\” It is the \”scientific\” word Seers may use instead of the \”religious\” term, Angel, when referring to \”Friendly Highly Vibrating Spiritual Beings.\” See Angel and Chapter on Angelology.

Evolution: See Creation.

Existence: See Space-Time.

Faith: 1) The choice and discipline to trust and align one\”™s Free Will with the mysterious guidance of Infinite Love and Intelligence (God); to willfully work within the confines of ones destiny boundaries. Faith is not a single act or confession, but an ongoing commitment to the path of Virtue over the paths of Vice; Good over Evil. It is a life-long discipline, not an identity, nor a religion. 2) Faith is a state of Focused Intent achieved within states of Trioptos. Strong Faith also enables powerful Enchants. Also see God, Enchantment.

Feeding: The act of Demons \”feeding on\” the Bioenergy of living Physical beings. Feeding is believed to be accomplished exclusively during Possession and through the use of Auto-Formatic technologies such as Leaches. See Bioenergy, Chakra, Leach, Possession.

Free Will: The ability to choose between different paths of action or thought, most importantly, between the paths of Virtue and Vice.

Flood of Noah: The global flood described in the Book of Genesis, Epic of Gilgamesh, and other ancient sources. See Antediluvian.

Focused Intent: A state of strong mental focus and Will that is the product of higher states of Enlightenment/Trioptos and used to Intent-Program powerful Enchants (Seer-Magic). Also See Enchantment, Intent-Program, Trioptos.

Gabriel The Archangel: Like Michael The Archangel, Gabriel has had many special tasks given to him throughout history. In the Hebrew Scriptures he provided Daniel with the Seer-gift of interpreting dreams, as well as working together with Michael to help Daniel during his trials. He is also known as an Angel of Judgment with great power and wisdom. He has also functioned as a special messenger, foretelling the birth of both John the Baptist and Jesus. It is believed that Gabriel will rarely be assigned as a Guardian to a Mortal, but when he is will usually be linked to a special female with great will and strength. It has been recorded in at least one Seer text that the great Hebrew prophetess, Judge and warrior Deborah, was linked to Gabriel. Joan of Arch was also believed to be a \”Deborah.\” Also See Deborah, Michael The Archangel.

God (Theos): God is the highest concept and yet also transcends concept. God is Spirit, yet is beyond Spirit. God is the highest form of all energy, yet is the source of all energy and the creator of all energy. God exists both within and outside of Space-Time, yet is the creator of Space-Time, all dimension, and all omniversal law that exist within them. God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent (everywhere, all knowing, all powerful.) God is the Alpha and Omega. God has always existed and will always exist; yet God is beyond our understanding of existence, as existence lives within dimension and Space-Time, which are creations of God. God is both the Impersonal Cosmic Energy spoken of by the atheist scientist (the guiding order of things, the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe\””or simply, \”The Universe\”) as well as the Personal Loving Presence described by Priests of Religion and given many names throughout history (the Infinite Love of the Universe). Also See the Chapter on Angelology.

God-Man: The mystical embodiment of Infinite Intelligence and Infinite Love, dwelling within the Physical and Thought Planes of reality. See Christ.

Guardian Angel/Guardian: Angels linked/assigned to humans are Guardian Angels. Guardians\”™ main purpose is to protect their Mortal Assignments to the best of their ability. Their abilities mostly exist within the Spiritual Plane, thus primarily protecting the human soul, but Guardians also are known to have some protective abilities within the Physical and Thought Planes of existence (especially in their Transmuted Form.) Although the term \”Guardian Angel\” specifically denotes non-Archangels that are given to Myop (non Seer) Mortal Assignments at birth, Archangels can also be Guardian Angels (but are Guardians of Seers). See Angel, Archangel, Mortal Assignment, Transmuted Spiritual Body, Therapneumasoma and Chapter on Angelology.

Hallucinogens: Drugs or \”recreational drugs\” that cause hallucinations are often chemically similar to Psycho-Spiritual Pharmaceuticals. Thus, it is not uncommon for Sensitives or even Myops to experience Spiritual Energy perception. The Psycho-Spiritual effects of hallucinogens are another reason why these drugs should not be used. See Myop, Psycho-Spiritual Pharmaceuticals, Sensitives.

Heaven: A realm within the Spiritual Dimension having the highest vibrational energy. \”The Seventh Heaven\” is believed by some Seer scholars to be what Christ called, \”Paradise,\” or the very highest vibrational environment within the Spiritual Plane. Some have conjectured that the highest vibration of Heaven exists outside of the Spiritual Dimension, not only transversing dimension, but also Space-Time itself, the place (or lack of place) that Infinite Intelligence (God) exists (of course the word \”exist\” is used analogically since existence only has its place within dimensional Space-Time.) The theory that Heaven exists outside of Space-Time is often referred to as \”The Eternal Now.\” Some proponents of The Eternal Now theory believe that when souls reach Heaven, they reach it \”all at the same time\” despite their migrations spanning thousands of years, thus there would be no souls \”waiting\” in Heaven because \”we get there all at the same time.\” Not all proponents of The Eternal Now espouse this understanding, but instead believe souls can \”see\” all of Space-Time at once since they exist outside of it, thus are able to \”watch over us.\” Also see Dimension, Hell, Purgatory, Space-Time.

Hell: A realm within the Spiritual Dimension having the lowest vibrational energy. It is believed that Hell was created for Lucifer and his minions (after their curse) as their future dwelling place. As with the Heavenly \”Eternal Now\” theory, there are Seer writings that describe Hell similarly, existing outside of Space-Time, \”but somehow below the lowest vibrational frequencies of Dimension.\” It is also believed that diseased human souls move towards lower energy planes and are therefore drawn to this \”outer darkness\” where there is a metaphorical \”weeping and gnashing of teeth.\” See Heaven, Purgatory, Soul.

Hermeneutics: The science of interpretation. Hermeneutics is used by all communicating beings, through instinct or through focused intent. Hermeneutics is tied to communication: gesturally, verbally and through the written word. See Chapter on Hermeneutics.

Holodamn: See Spiritual Hologram.

Ignorance: See Vice.

Infinite Intelligence: See God.

Infinite Love: See God.

Intent: 1) Is the desire within the heart and mind behind action. Intent is either rooted in Vice or Virtue. 2) Will. Also see Enchantment, Trioptos, Will.

Intent-Program: Is the act of aligning (programming) the specific Will of the Seer into his focused thought stream (Focused Intent) to perform Enchants. See Enchantment, Focused Intent, Will.

Intuition: One of the Charismas (Seer-Powers). Intuition is the act by which the mind perceives the agreement or disagreement of two or more ideas without instruction. It is an understanding without effort; an a-priori. There is often a fine distinction between Intuition and Prophecy. See a-priori, Charisma, Prophecy, Samsonism, Seer-Power.

Jesus Christ: See Jesus of Nazareth, Christ.

Jesus of Nazareth: The consensus among many Seers is that Jesus of Nazareth was the God-Man, the mystical embodiment of Infinite Intelligence/Infinite Love dwelling within the Physical and Thought planes of reality. Thus, Jesus of Nazareth was given the title \”Jesus Christ\” since \”Christ\” means \”Anointed One.\” It should be noted that Jesus performed his miracles without the aid of a known Spiritual Transmitter. See Christ, God-Man, Arch-Anthron, Spiritual Transmitters.

Kakpneumasoma: (kack-new-ma-so-ma) is the \”scientific\” term Seers may use for Demon, which simply means \”bad spirit body.\” Also See Demon, and Chapter on Angelology.

Leach: Leaches are highly programmed Auto-Formatic Life Forms controlled by Demons to transmit Bioengery for Feeding. They are called leaches simply because they appear like leaches to the Seer. They are typically about six inches in length and latch onto \”cracks\” of the human soul. Leaches first start out as \”Moths\” and \”fly\” around in the Spiritual Dimension searching for damaged souls to latch onto. Once a Moth lands on the damaged soul, it transforms into a leach and \”sucks\” the bioenergy from the soul and transmits it to the Demon(s) controlling it. They prefer to latch to the body\”™s chakra centers as there is higher concentrations of Bioenergy. See Bioenergy, Chakra, Feeding, Moth, Possession and Chapter on Angelology.

Level, Layer or plane (lowercase p): A \”sub-dimension\” within a Dimension. Different Levels/planes of Dimension within the Physical Dimension are all Physical energy, while Different Dimensions are different kinds of vibrational energy (Physical, Thought, Spiritual.) In ancient times many Seer-alchemists knew how to dwell or hide within these different Levels/planes of the Physical Dimension. The stories of dragons, unicorns and other \”mythical creatures\” are believed to originate from experiences within at least one of these Physical Levels. See Dimension, Mythical Creatures, Dimensional Doorway.

Leviathan: In the Hebrew Scriptures, Leviathan is a dragon / sea monster. Seers generally believe it to be one of the many \”Mythical Creatures\” that came from another plane of the Physical Dimension. Leviathan is also another name and symbol for Satan. See Satan, Mythical Creatures, Physical Dimension.

Life Energy: See Orgone, Orgonic Energy.

Lucifer: Lucifer, \”Morning Star\”, is the name of the most beautiful, intelligent and talented Angel (now referred to as Demon due to his cursed state.) He was a \”shining star.\” Despite his immense beauty and ability, he chose to embrace the path of Vice over Virtue, choosing Vanity (Pride) and Greed over Humility and Gratefulness. This choice propelled his heart into rebellion against the Creator and he became blinded by the deception of Vice, embracing it completely. Due to his unique spiritual form and position in the omniverse, Lucifer became the cosmic embodiment of all Vice (Evil.) Since then, all lower vibrational energies in the ominverse are cosmically drawn to Lucifer, and thus, when any individual embarks on a journey down one of the many paths of Vice (lower vibrational physical, thought and spiritual energy), the individual ultimately becomes a servant of Lucifer if they do not turn to Virtue. See Satan, Vice, Virtue.

Magic, Magick: See Enchantment.

Magic Wand: See Spiritual Transmitters.

Masking: A powerful masquerading technique used by Demons for the ultimate goal of possessing human souls. Masking is usually performed by the use of Spiritual Holograms (but can also employ Soul Whispering or Soul Whispering alone when dealing with strong Sensitives.) The victims of Masking are Sensitives or Myops under the influence of Psycho-Spiritual Pharmaceuticals. Masking is essentially a Demon masquerading as an Angel to a mortal in the attempt to gain some control over the mortal\”™s Spiritual and Life Energies and Soul-body. Masking can be very effective, often fooling the smartest human minds because Demons are extremely intelligent and knowledgeable (having existed presumably before man\”™s beginnings.) There are many tactics and scenarios used; the most common is the \”Guardian Deception.\” This is where the Demon masquerades as the mortal\”™s Guardian Angel, \”wanting to help the mortal achieve great things for humanity.\” Then, after gaining the mortal\”™s trust, the Demon manipulates the host\”™s Virtuous desires and slowly steers them onto a \”rationalized path of Vice\” for the sake of \”the greater good.\” Since Seers can actually \”see\” the Spiritual Dimension, they cannot be fooled by masking if only Soul Whispering techniques are used, as the law of Cognitive Projection displays Demons as who they a really are. But Sensitives are easily fooled; this is why Seers must be wary of Sensitives, despite their \”good intentions.\” Also see Cognitive Projection, Demon, Myops, Possession, Sensitives, Spiritual Hologram.

Metal: Inorganic physical elements or molecules that vibrate, transmit and transmute certain frequencies of both Orgonic energy and energies from the Spiritual Plane into the Physical plane. Precious metals have the highest energy transmission and transmutation capabilities of the Metals, i.e. Platinum, Gold and Silver. Also see Crystals, Mineral.

Michael The Archangel: Is believed to be the most powerful Archangel. Michael is believed to be the only Angel powerful enough to defeat Satan in battle. He also provides great Spiritual power to his Mortal Assignment. His Mortal Assignment is known as the Arch-Anthron. Many Seer writings state that Gabriel is equally as powerful as Michael, but has different functions and tasks assigned to him from God. See Arch-Anthron, Gabriel The Archangel, Satan.

Mineral: Inorganic physical elements or molecules that vibrate, transmit and transmute certain frequencies of both Orgonic energy and energies from the Spiritual Plane into the Physical Plane. Many mineral crystals and precious stones have high-energy transmission and transmutation capabilities, i.e. quartz (silica), diamond (carbon), emeralds, and rubies. Also See Crystals, Metal.

Morphian: A race of theoretical Spirit Beings that can change shape, therefore deceiving Cognitive Projection. Many believe these Beings do not to exist and simply point to the use of Holodamns as the explanation. Also See Cognitive Projection, Spiritual Hologram.

Mortal Assignment: A human being protected by a Guardian Angel or Archangel. The term is defined from the Angels\”™ point of view. See Guardian Angel, Therapneumasoma.

Moses: One of the early and perhaps most famous Arch-Anthron. The name is Moses is suggested to relate to drawing out in a passive sense, \”the one who was drawn out.\” Those who depart from this tradition derive the name from the same root but in an active sense, \”he who draws out,\” in the sense of \”savior, deliverer.\” It should be noted that Moses was \”drawn out\” of the water by Pharaoh\”™s daughter, and then later Moses \”drew out\” his people from slavery, bringing them \”through the water\” of the Red Sea. Some Seers believe that Moses received Michael The Archangel as his Guardian at his burning bush vision and prior to that time he was not an actual Seer. This topic is debated by some Seer Theologians. Common Basic Seerology states that Seers are born, receiving their first visions of the Spiritual Dimension in late pre-pubescence. See Arch-Anthron, Michael The Archangel, Seerology.

Moth: Moths are Bioenergy searching Auto-Formatic Life Forms controlled by Demons for Feeding. Moths are Leaches prior to attaching themselves to a damaged soul. They prefer to latch to the body\”™s chakra centers as there is higher concentrations of Bioenergy. See Bioenergy, Chakra, Feeding, Leach, Possession and Chapter on Angelology.

Myop: Myops or Myopeons, are non-Seers. This is a Seer term, coming from myopic, myopia, meaning, \”nearsightedness.\” Also see Sensitives.

Myopean: 1) A non-Seer. 2) Referring to the traditions and beliefs of Myopenas, i.e. \”Myopean Theology is limited due to their lack of Spiritual sight.\” See Myop.

Mythical Creatures: Creatures that are commonly unknown to our Physical Plane but exist in great numbers within other levels of the Physical Dimension. I.e. unicorns, Cyclopes, winged horses, minotaurs, etc. See Cyclopes, Dimension, Physical Dimension.

Nephilim: The Nephilim were (are) most likely the offspring of demon possessed humans and were described as giants. Thus, the Book of Genesis called the Nephilim the \”sons of God.\” There is much debate regarding the Nephilim\”™s origin, but one predominant theory states that Demons used their antediluvian superior knowledge of DNA manipulation and Spiritual Energy transmutation to manipulate and alter the human gene pool so they could possess human bodies that were more powerful, thus, the explanation for a \”race of giants.\” According to this theory, it has been pointed out that since Goliath was called a Nephilim, it proves that the Demon modified DNA still exists within the human gene pool and occasionally Nephilim-like humans can still be born. Another prominent theory argues that the Nephilim were from another Level of the Physical Dimension and that the Demons brought them into our Physical plane after they possessed their bodies. Still other Seer writings suggest that the Nephilim were from another Physical Plane but were also the same people as the Cyclopes. See Cyclopes, Dimension.

Non-Physical Entities: Although Angels and Demons are the most commonly known Non-Physical Entities, there are other entities of various Spiritual frequencies. Although Thought Energy Beings are also non-physical, this term generally only refers to Spiritual Entities. See Chapter on Angelology.

Odic Force: A cosmic energy discovered and coined by the 19th Century German Scientist, Dr. Karl von Reichenbach. Also known as Subtle Energy and Life-Energy. It is believed to be the same energy later called Orgone by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. See Orgone.

Omniverse: All Dimensions and Universes within Space-Time. See Space-Time.

Omniversal Law: The cosmic laws that intertwine the three main dimensions of existence. Some Seer physicists have proposed theories that claim these laws may transition the boundaries of Space-Time. Also see Trans-Dimensional law.

Orgone: The term coined by the 20th Century German scientist, Wilhelm Reich, for the non-entropic cosmic energy, or Subtle Energy that exists everywhere in the Physical Universe within varying degrees of concentration (Universal Energy Field). It is also commonly referred to as Life-Energy. Reich\”™s discovery of Orgone was said to be \”\”¦among the greatest events in human history\” in a letter to the American Medical Association, signed by 17 medical doctors in 1949. Less than ten years later in 1957, in a McCarthyesque court decision, the United States Federal Government burned Reich\”™s books and research. Orgone\”™s existence has been known by other cultures throughout history, but Reich was the first to study the energy with modern scientific analysis and technology. Orgone is the same energy as the Chinese qi (chi), Indian prana, Hawaiian mana, Mesmer\”™s animal magnetism, Gallien\”™s pneuma, Fludd\”™s spiritus, the Kaballists\”™ astral light, Hermes Trismegistus\”™ telesma and von Reichenbach\”™s Odic Force. In recent decades it has also been called Zero Point Energy and Pyramid Energy. Also see Bioenergy.

Orgonic Energy: A term given by Seer scientist Dr. Preston Underwood to describe \”Orgone-like\” energy that exists predominately within the Spiritual Dimension. Like Orgone and Spiritual Energy, it is a mysterious non-entropic, self-replenishing energy, but is considered to be far more powerful than true Orgone. It is so similar to certain frequencies of Spiritual Energy that many Seers believe it is the same thing called by a different name. It is theorized by many Seer scientists that Spiritual Weaponry is a concentrated form of high frequency Orgonic Energy. Dr. Preston Underwood has proposed that Orgonic Energy can be \”cast\” into weapons or other Spiritual objects, analogous to the way humanity uses the metallurgical arts. Thus, in this regard, Orgonic Energy is Spiritual Energy, but a term best applied for describing its impersonal and technological aspects. See Dimension, Spiritual Energy.

Physical Dimension: The Dimension/Plane of physical matter and dwelling place of physical beings. There are many levels within the Physical Plane. In ancient times many Seer-alchemists knew how to dwell or hide within these different planes. The stories of dragons, unicorns and other \”mythical creatures\” are believed to originate from experiences within at least one of these Physical planes. When a doorway or rift into a different Physical level/plane is opened, these \”mythical creatures\” are able to enter and dwell within our own Physical plane. Some Seers have proposed the theory that the Ice Age occurred when a rift to another Physical plane was \”torn open\” and the sub-zero temperatures within that plane flooded into our own. If this theory is true, it would have most likely occurred through the undisciplined tampering of Seer-Magic. It is also widely believed that the Ark of the Covenant and other powerful Spiritual Transmitters were taken into a different Physical plane. See Dimension.

Physical Shell: Also just \”Shell.\” A physical object or substance(s) used to create a Spiritual Transmitter. See Enchantment, Spiritual Transmitter, Acacia wood, Ark of the Covenant, Staff of Moses, Ring of the Anti-Christ.

Plane: See Dimension.

plane: (lowercase p): See Level.

Portal: See Dimensional Doorway, Level.

Portal Magnetic: An extremely rare Seer-Gift/Power where individuals are either attracted to Dimensional Doorways (Portals) or have the ability to instantly jump into different Dimensions as part of an unknown Seer-Magic chant or ability. Some have speculated that there exists \”invisible floating portals\” and that these Portal Magnetic individuals draw these portals to themselves. Like many Seer-Gifts, the limits and abilities of this power are unknown. See Charisma, Dimensional Doorway, Level, Seer-Magic, Seer-Power.

Possession, Possessed, Demon Possessed: A human soul that is being used by a Spiritual Entity (Demon.) There are three types of Possession: 1) Parasitic Possession: This possession occurs where there is a \”crack\” or \”fracture\” in the host\”™s soul-body and the Spiritual Entity \”latches\” onto this opening, \”Feeding\” on the Bioenergy of the host. 2) Shared Possession: This type of possession is commonly called \”Soul-Sharing.\” This occurs when an agreement is made between the host and Demon where the host allows his soul to be \”shared\” (hosted) with the Demon \”on a part-time basis\” in exchange for earthly \”rewards.\” There are also degrees to Soul Sharing where the individual may allow for a Parasitic (partial possession) sharing of his soul (so the host can maintain physical and cognitive control) or a \”part time\” Complete Possession. For a Complete possession, the host\”™s obligation is to remain on a path of Vice during the times the Demon \”withdraws\” from the host body. It is assumed that during the time the Demon withdraws from full control of the host\”™s soul-body, that it still remains \”latched\” Parasitically. The demon\”™s obligation in a Shared Possession (though rarely performed as agreed) is to use its influences in the Physical Dimension to provide wealth and power to the mortal host. Many powerful politicians and celebrities receive their status from Soul-Sharing. Often Soul-Sharing is initiated by deception from the use of \”Masking.\”Â 3) Complete Possession: This type of Possession is when a Demon has full control over the individual\”™s body in the Physical and Thought Planes of Reality by completely inhabiting the host\”™s soul-body.

As the stories in the New Testament reveal (i.e. Matt. 8:28-34), Demons can be forced out, and a human soul can be freed from Demonic control. Demon possession usually occurs by force on a diseased Soul, but can also be willfully chosen by an individual whose Free Will is devoted to the Path of Vice. Feeding is always accomplished within any degree of Possession. Also see Bioenergy, Demon, Feeding, Leach, Masking, Soul Sharing.

Precious Metals: See Metal.

Prophecy: One of the Charismas (Seer-Powers). It is believed that all Seers have this gift to certain extents. The Gift of Prophecy simply means that one may have visions of (a possible) future, or an intuition about future events. There is often a fine distinction between Prophecy and Intuition. \”A Prophecy\” is a word spoken by a Seer to warn others regarding a future event (or as a curse to the unrepentant.) See a-priori, Charisma, Seer-Power.

Prophet: See Seer.

Psycho-Spiritual Pharmaceuticals: Any number of drugs that enhance the physical perception (including tactile) of Spiritual Energy and thus Spiritual Holograms (Holodamns). These drugs are assumed to be clandestinely manufactured by Demon-Possessed chemists. Some forms of these drugs have been found laced within marijuana, crystal-meth, \”magic mushrooms,\” LCD and other \”recreational drugs.\” This practice helps explain why many drug abusers are easily deceived into following Demons. Also known as \”Demon Downers.\” Sensitives are most affected by their effects. Also see Hallucinogens, Sensitives, Spiritual Holograms.

Purgatory: Believed to be a plane within the Spiritual Dimension that has lower vibrational energy than \”Heaven\”, but higher then \”Hell.\” It is also believed that souls existing in Purgatory can migrate to higher or lower vibrational planes that harmonize with the changing vibrational state of their Soul. See Heaven, Hell.

Reality: See Space-Time.

Realm of Inorganic Being, The: The Spiritual Plane/Dimension. Although Thought Beings are also inorganic, the Thought Dimension is not typically referred to as this Realm since there are no known highly sentient Thought Beings in existence. Also see Dimension.

Reincarnation: See Transmigration of the Soul.

Ring of the Anti-Christ: Is a small circular band designed to be worn on a human finger. Its physical form is linked to a Spiritual Weapon within the Spiritual Plane. It is a Spiritual Transmitter. Its Spiritual energy is fundamentally just as powerful as a Spirit Being\”™s Sword/Energy Wand, but when worn by the Anti-Christ, wields Satan\”™s powers within the Physical Plane. It is the mechanism by which the Anti-Christ wields his Sorcery or Black Magic. The physical ring is mostly composed of gold with an Acacia wood center, similar to the spiritual channeling design of the Ark of the Covenant. It is considered an extremely high power Spiritual Transmitter / Conductor. See Spiritual Weaponry, Spiritual Transmitters, Enchantment, Staff of Moses, Physical Shell.

Samson: A famous ancient Hebrew Judge and Seer that had the gift of great Seer-Strength (Samsonism). It has been proposed that Samson\”™s long hair was a physical symbol of his mental state/focused intent which activated his Seer-strength. 2) \”A Samson\” is a Seer that has the gift of Samsonism. \”Samsons\” may have varying degrees and forms of Samsonism, often becoming athletes and controlling their visions at a young age. See Focused Intent, Samsonism.

Samsonism: One of the Charismas, it is Seer-Strength. It is believed that Seers with this gift (regardless of degree) have greater control over their visions than most Seers. Many Seers with this ability often are never aware of it, as Seer-gifts usually require a state of focus and discipline (Trioptos) to activate or \”switch it on and off.\” There are varying degrees and forms of Samsonism. Powerful Samsonism is a rare gift. See Charisma, Samson, Seer-Power.

Satan: Satan is the post-cursed name given to Lucifer. He is the supreme intelligent Spiritual Being that opposes submission to God and wishes to enslave humanity for his own uses. There are many names given to Satan throughout human history. In the Septuagint the Hebrew ha-Satan in Job and Zechariah is translated by the Greek word diabolos, slanderer (or accuser), the same word in the Greek New Testament from which the English word devil is derived. Satan has continual access to the higher vibrational energy planes of the Spiritual dimension and, as his name suggests, is continually accusing humanity before God. See Lucifer.

Scripture: The historical religious term used to describe revered ancient writings that were written by Prophets (Seers), Sensitives, and Myops under highly vibrating Spiritual energy communications (Inspiration.)

Seer: A Prophet. One who can see and hear certain frequencies of the Spiritual Dimension of existence. It is believed that Seers are put on the earth to help remind humanity of their Spiritual, eternal existence and not to live only for the temporal benefits of the Physical Dimension. Their mission is usually focused at exhorting others towards more Virtuous living while also exposing the dangers of Vice to the eternal human Soul. Basic Seerology states that individuals are born (\”chosen\”) as Seers, receiving their first visions of the Spiritual Dimension in late pre-pubescence, with their vision maturing in the early-twenties. Many believe the Seer-sight is genetic, linked to an undiscovered cosmic or Spirit DNA. Seers also have special gifts called Seer-Power (\”super powers\”): some can see the future, others have amazing intuition, some are physically very strong (Samsonism), and most of them have the ability to transmute Spiritual Energy (Enchantment) into the physical realm thereby bending the laws of the physical universe to create \”miracles\” (this is most commonly done with a Spiritual Transmitter, but some \”low level\” miracles, such as mind manipulation, can be done without a transmitter). Their gifts are many, and can be very powerful, but are often limited due to the extreme discipline it requires to maintain control of their physical body amidst their continual exposure to the Spiritual Dimension. Seers are also known as Prophets, Magicians, Sorcerers, Wizards and Witches and other names given throughout human history. Their lives on earth are often filled with pain and suffering as they have been social outcasts, ostracized, hunted down and killed, tortured, crucified, burned at the stake, and in recent times, locked in asylums where they are force fed anti-psychotic pharmaceuticals.

A small enclave within the Order of Seers espouses the theory that Seers are actually descendants from another race of humans that once existed in a different level of the Physical Dimension and were brought into the current Physical plane by Angels to help guide humanity. Those that hold this theory generally believe that Seers were brought into this level of Dimension after The Flood of Noah to ensure humanity would not corrupt as easily as the people of the antediluvian world. Also see Charisma, Enchantment, Dimension.

Seer-Gift: Also, Charisma and Seer-Power.

Seer-Magic: See Enchantment.

Seer-Power: Charisma, the \”super-human powers\” of Seers. There are many diverse powers, everything from Seer-Strength (Samsonism), to Intuition, to Prophecy (seeing the future, or possible futures). These gifts vary from Seer to Seer. The myths regarding the powers of the Greek and Roman gods originated from Seers\”™ Charismas. It is believed that the Arch-Anthron has many Seer-power abilities. See Charisma, Intuition, Prophecy, Samsonism.

Seerology: The study of Seers, their powers, history, origin, role and destiny.

Sensitives: Sensitives are Myops (non-Seers) that are more \”genetically predisposed\” to receive, and experience Spiritual Energy. Sensitives often make a vocation from their gift, becoming fortunetellers or Spiritual Guides. A personal note of warning: Sensitives are NOT Seers and are therefore more prone to Demonic deception and possession then Myops with \”less sensitivity\” to Spiritual chatter. Although many wise Sensitives are our friends and even our allies, be weary of becoming too friendly with Sensitives if you are still a Novice. Talk to your Mentor about them. Although most of them are naturally \”very caring, empathetic people\” they can still be easily deceived by Demons and may try to infiltrate Seer communities while they are under demonic deception. Many Sensitives are often tricked (either through Holodamns, Masking, Soul-Whispering, etc.) into thinking that they are Seers. It is believed that Cyclopes are a completely deceived race of Sensitives. Also see Masking, Spiritual Holograms, Soul-Whispering, and the Chapter on Trioptos Meditation.

Shell: See Physical Shell.

Shielding: The act of a Guardian Angel transmuting its spiritual form into its transmuted physical form in order to protect its Mortal Assignment from danger. See Guardian Angel, Transmuted Body, and Chapter on Angelology.

Sin: Sin is the historical-religious term for Ignorance. Seers use the word \”Vice\” as we feel it is less linked to the pejorative\”“historical aspects of the word and also encompasses our modern \”scientific\” understanding of the lower harmful vibrational energies that are Vice. See Vice.

Sorcery: See Enchantment.

Soul/Soul-Body/Spirit: The soul is the eternal body of the individual. It exists in the Spiritual Dimension and is cosmically linked with the Physical Plane and the Thought Plane. The Soul cannot die, but it can be inhabited or held hostage by other spiritual entities. The origin of the soul is debated. Some believe all souls were created at the beginning of Space-Time, others believe that they are created during birth or conception within the Physical Plane. The soul has its own consciousness and is continually whispering to its physical and thought counterparts. Its main desire is to be in harmony with its counterparts in the Physical and Thought Planes. Upon connection with its mortal counterparts (the body and mind), the soul carries certain a-priori knowledge/communication from God and is continually trying to bring this knowledge into the Physical and Thought planes. But as the mortal counterparts engage Free Will, the Physical and Thought aspects of Being quickly gain power over the Soul. The health of the Soul is either maintained or injured by its mortal counterparts choice to either seek Virtue (Spiritual Enlightenment) or to seek Vice (Ignorance).

Some believe that souls can be re-assigned into new physical bodies after they depart (called Transmigration of the Souls by the Ancients and Reincarnation by the more contemporary cultures.) Regardless of Etiological and Eschatological theories, there is consensus that the souls\”™ ultimate destiny is ideally the highest plane of existence\””the plane of energy with the highest non-entropic, vibrational energy, commonly referred to as Heaven. Also see Churning, Angel, Demon, Heaven, Hell, Diseases (of the Soul).

Soul-Sharing: An agreement made between a mortal host (human) and Demon where the Mortal allows his soul to be \”shared\” (hosted) with the demon \”on a part-time basis\” in exchange for earthly \”rewards.\” There are degrees of Soul Sharing, where the individual may allow for a Parasitic (Partial Possession) sharing of his soul (so he can maintain physical and cognitive control), or a Complete Possession. For a Complete Possession, the host\”™s obligation is to remain on a path of Vice during the times the Demon \”withdraws\” from the host body. It is assumed that during the time the Demon withdraws from full control of the host\”™s soul-body, that it still remains \”latched\” parasitically (Feeding). The Demon\”™s obligation in a Shared Possession (though rarely performed as agreed) is to use its influences in the Physical Dimension to provide wealth and power to the mortal host. Many powerful politicians and celebrities receive their status from Soul-Sharing and often make their \”best performances\” under complete Demonic Possession. Soul-Sharing is commonly initiated by deception through the use of Masking. See Feeding, Masking, Possession.

Soul-Staring: The act of a Seer staring at their soul body, either directly or through soul mirroring. It is said that soul-staring can make a seer insane. See Soul.

Soul Whispering: The act of a Spiritual Being \”whispering\” in a mortal\”™s soul-ear. This whispering can influence the mortal\”™s behavior by \”giving the mortal an idea.\” Demons regularly use Soul Whispering to influence mortals to pursue Vice. Angels also attempt to steer mortals on the right path using this method of influence. It is believed that Soul Whispers are spiritual thought energy. Since human soul-ears are said to convert (transmute) Spiritual thought energy into pure thought energy, Soul Whispers are received by the thought receiving ability of the brain as ideas and choices. Demons will also enslave non-sentient Thought Energy Beings to attack the minds of diseased humans. This method is a more complex form of Soul Whispering. Also see Churning, Thought Energy Beings.

Space-Time: The collective Frequency of Dimensions that is understood as Existence, containing both matter and time. Space-Time, as it is understood by Seers, extends past the limits of Einsteinian Physics to encompass the existence and role of Subtle Energy in the Universe. This expanded definition explains the mysteries of Dark Matter and why the Universe has failed to \”wind down\” into a chaotic mass of gas. It is believed by many Seer scientists that \”the Seventh Heaven,\” the highest frequency of the Spiritual Dimension, exists outside of Space-Time. Also See Subtle Energy.

Spell: See Enchant.

Spiritual Being: A life form that exists within the Spiritual Dimension. See Chapter on Angelology.

Spiritual Dimension: The Plane of existence where Spiritual Energy, matter and Spiritual Beings dwell. The Human Soul exists within the Spiritual Dimension and is linked to both the Physical and Thought Dimensions. Similarly, Spiritual Weaponry, which exists within the Spiritual Dimension, can be linked to the Physical Plane to act as Spiritual Transmitters. There are many levels/planes within the Spiritual Dimension. Unlike Physical Beings that cannot easily transverse the different planes within the Physical Dimension, it is believed that Angels and Demons can transverse all of the levels within the Spiritual Dimension without difficulty. Many Seer\”™ writings speak of the \”seventh heaven.\” It is theorized that this is the highest level of the Spiritual Plane and the place where Angels and other highly vibrating spiritual life call home and also the place the human soul is meant to ultimately dwell. See Dimension, Chapter on Angelology.

Spiritual Energy: Is the energy that exists in the Spiritual Dimension. In Humans, the Soul/Spirit is made of Spiritual Energy. Spiritual Energy is non-entropic, thus it does not require any form of \”recharging\” while it exists in the Spiritual Dimension alone. If it is transmuted and brought into the Physical Dimension, then its energies will eventually deplete. Spiritual Energy is used in many ways, but perhaps most importantly for the Seer, is enhanced Trioptos and Enchantment (Seer-Magic.) Enchants (or Spells) are initiated by strongly \”intented\” Thought Energy. Also see Dimension, Enchant, Intent Program, Soul Whispering, Trioptos.

Spiritual Hologram: Or, \”Holodamn\” is a Hologram-like projection of Spiritual Energy cast into the Spiritual and Thought Dimensions by Demons. Although these energy projections enter the Thought Plane, not every Myop (non Seer) can see them. Typically they can only be seen by Sensitives or Myops that are under the influence of Psycho-Spiritual Pharmaceuticals (\”Demon downers\”). These projections are primarily used to fool individuals into believing someone from the Spiritual Dimension is communicating with them. Thus, Holodamns are usually projected live-action interactive performances of \”dead loved-ones,\” \”Spiritual Beings,\” or \”the Virgin Mary.\” These performances are very convincing and sometimes can even fool novice Seers (be aware!). The effects and believability of Holodamn experiences can be enhanced through the (typically unknown) ingestion of Psycho-Spiritual Pharmaceuticals to the point where the individual\”™s physical body can even be manipulated and controlled (even walk on hot coals). There are known small cults of Sensitives that willing ingest Psycho-Spiritual Pharmaceuticals as a form of \”communion\” so they can have their \”visions.\”

Holodamns are assumed to be projections from spiritual technology. Dr. Preston Underwood explains that just as humanity has physical technologies, Demons have technology created from spiritual matter. This matter is believed to be \”living\” low-sentient Spiritual Life he calls Autoformatic Lifeforms. Also see Autoformatic Lifeforms, Masking, Myop, Possession, Psycho-Spiritual Pharmaceuticals, Sensitives, Soul Whispering.

Spiritual Transmitter: A physical object (typically a wand, ring or staff\””also known as a Physical Shell) linked to an Energy Wand or other Spiritual Weapon in the Spiritual dimension. Spiritual Transmitters are powerful \”magical\” type devices that can be used to perform great miracles, or great destruction within the Physical Plane. See Spiritual Weaponry, Physical Shell, Ring of the Anti-Christ, Swords, Enchantment, Staff of Moses, Ark of the Covenant.

Spiritual Warfare: Refers to the battle between Angels and Demons for control over humanity. Demons desire to control and use humanity for their own Vice-filled pleasure and long term survival, while Angels protect humanity as their service to Theos. Spiritual Warfare is commonly done using Spiritual Weaponry. See Ring of the Anti-Christ, Physical Shell, Spiritual Weaponry, Swords, Staff of Moses.

Spiritual Weaponry: Within the Spiritual plane the most common weapon is the Angel\”™s or Demon\”™s sword. These swords are actually Energy Wands, but are generally seen as human weapons by the Seer (due to Cognitive Projection.) Spiritual weapons are most likely constructed of concentrated forms of high frequency Orgonic Energy. At least one Seer-Scientist (Dr. Preston Underwood) believes that Orgonic Energy is \”cast\” into spiritual weapons or other invisible objects. These weapons will cause harm to Spiritual Beings when \”stabbed\” or \”cut.\” It is believed that Spiritual Beings cannot be \”killed\” by them (unless in their Transmuted Spiritual Body), but it is known that strikes from these weapons will cause temporary damage to the spirit body of an Angel or Demon. Spirit Armor appears to be impenetrable, thus heavily armored Archangels usually can fight indefinitely without injury. Swords/Energy Wands cannot harm a human soul unless the weapon makes contact with a diseased portion of a soul (a lower vibrational energy portion of the soul-body). Spiritual Weaponry generally appears like human weaponry to the Seer, but to the educated Seer appears as glowing forms of energy. Swords/Energy Wands can be linked to an object within the physical plane (Physical Shell). When this happens, the physical object becomes a Spiritual Transmitter. See Ring of the Anti-Christ, Cognitive Projection, Enchantment, Physical Shell, Swords, Staff of Moses, Transmuted Spiritual Body.

Staff of Aaron: The miraculous staff of Aaron, the \”budding rod,\” was believed to be placed with the Ten Commandments and a jar of manna within the Ark of the Covenant. Its appearance has not been witnessed since ancient times. It was believed to be a Spiritual Transmitter, a physical object (Physical Shell) linked to an Energy Wand or other Spiritual Weapon. Some say the Staff was taken with the Ark of the Covenant into an alternative Plane within the Physical Dimension. See Spiritual Weaponry, Enchantment, Staff of Moses, Ark of the Covenant, Physical Shell, Dimension.

Staff of Moses: The staff of Moses is the most famous Spiritual Transmitter known in history. The staff has been instrumental in some of the most famous miracles recorded. It turned into a serpent before Pharaoh, turned bitter water into sweet and parted the Red Sea. It is currently located within the Ivory Tower. See Spiritual Weaponry, Enchantment, Ark of the Covenant, Physical Shell.

Subtle Energy: The \”cosmic term\” for the non-entropic energy commonly known as Orgone. See Orgone.

Swords (of Angels and Demons): Spiritual beings\”™ swords generally appear as human swords by the Seer (due to Cognitive Projection), but are actually highly concentrated wands of energy. These Energy Wands are believed to be composed of the same concentrated high-energy frequency of Orgonic energy as other spiritual weaponry. If a sword falls into the hands of a Seer who knows how to hold it with his spiritual form, a Sword/Energy Wand can be wielded to work acts of \”magic\” by manipulating the laws of Space-Time within the Physical Plane. In order for the Energy Wand to yield Enchantment within the physical plane, it must become linked to a physical object (Physical Shell) such as a wand, staff, or ring. See Enchantment, Cognitive Projection, Physical Shell.

Symbolic Visualization: A component of Cognitive Projection that states that the intent of Spiritual Beings is manifested visually through their form. This concept explains why Demons appear ugly and evil, Angels appear beautiful and wise or appear frightening when they come in judgment. See Cognitive Projection.

T-Vis: See Trans-Dimensional Vision.

Therapneumasoma: (Thair-ra-new-ma-so-ma.) The modern study of Angels\”™ ability and power to heal and protect humans (typically mortal assignments) with their Spiritual or Transmuted Bodies. See Angel, Archangel, Mortal Assignment and the Angelology Chapter.

Theos: See God.

Thought Ameba: A low-sentient Thought Being that feeds on random, non-intented Thought Energy. Its free-form amorphous shape and single-celled-organism-like movements account for its name. Their sizes range from one inch to fifty feet in diameter; however, they are most commonly seen as the size of small horses. Thought Amebas dwell within the Thought Dimension, but are able to be captured by Spiritual Beings and pulled into the Spiritual Dimension. Demons will often enslave Thought Amebas, using them as a type of amplifier for Soul Whispering attacks against Mortals. Although Thought Amebas can dwell within the Spiritual Dimension, they can die if they are not feed pure Thought Energy; they cannot feed on Spiritual Thought Energy. Since Thought Amebas are Thought Energy, most Seers cannot see them without Seer Visors that are calibrated to show the Thought Energy Spectrum. See Thought Dimension, Soul Whispering.

Thought Dimension: The Dimension/Plane of Thought Energy and the dwelling place of Thought Energy Beings is known as the Thought Dimension. As with the other Dimensions of reality, there are many levels within the Thought Plane. The Dimension of Thought is generally known as the \”Bridge Dimension\” because its energies are able to transverse and influence both the Physical and Spiritual Planes. Spiritual Beings are capable of transmitting Spiritual Thought energy, which can be transmuted into pure Thought Energy, and received by the Physical Organ that generates and receives Thought energy (the brain). Physical Beings generate pure Thought Energy in the brain, which is transmitted into the Thought Plane. See Dimension.

Thought Energy: Is the energy that exists in the Thought Dimension. In Humans, it is transmitted from the Thought Generator and Receiver (the Brain). Random, non-intented and old Thought Energy is consumed by Thought Energy Beings. Demons exploit Thought Energy to perform various attacks on humanity. Thought Energy is used in many ways, but perhaps most importantly for the Seer is enhanced Trioptos and Seer-Magic. Enchants (or Spells) are initiated by strongly intented Thought Energy. Also see Dimension, Enchant, Intent Program, Soul Whispering, Trioptos.

Thought Energy Beings: Thought Energy based life forms existing within the Thought Dimension. Demons will often enslave Thought Energy Beings to attack the minds of mortals. This Spiritual Attack is considered a heightened form of Soul Whispering. See Soul Whispering, Thought Amebas.

Time-Writer: See Chronographism.

Trans-Dimensional Law: The laws of the Omniverse that affect (and are linked to) multiple Dimensions at the \”same time.\” Also see Cognitive Projection.

Trans-Dimensional Vision: \”Trans-Dim,\” or \”T-Vis,\” is the perception of the Spiritual World experienced by Myops (non-Seers) as their consciousness transitions from the Physical Dimension into the Spiritual Dimension. These Visions normally occur as the individual is on their deathbed or just before physical death occurs. Trans-Dim Visions are seen with the physical eyes, similarly to the way Seers see the Spiritual Dimension. It is different than Sensitives\”™ Spiritual Energy perceptions, though it is believed that Sensitives experience very strong Trans-Dim Visions as they near death. Also see Sensitives.

Transmigration of the Souls: Reincarnation. The belief that the soul is \”reborn\” through multiple physical births, passing through many Mortals before finally reaching the highest vibrational energies of the Spiritual Dimension (Heaven) or passing to lower Planes of vibrational energy such as Purgatory or Hell.

Transmuted Spiritual Body: Both Angels and Demons can enter the Physical Dimension with their own bodies, either in part or fully. When they enter our Dimension in this way, they temporarily \”lose\” their Spiritual Body as it becomes \”transmuted spiritual energy.\” Although Transmuted Spiritual Bodies have great power, they can also be killed by Transmuted Spiritual Weaponry as well as certian weapons of modern man. Thus, since Angels and Demons cannot be killed in the Spiritual Dimension, they rarely enter our Dimension in their Transmuted Forms. However, Guardian Angels will often partially Transmutate to help protect their Mortal Assignments from physical danger (Shielding). Transmuted Spiritual Bodies can be either visible or invisible to Myops, depending on the intent of the Spiritual Being. See Guardian Angel, Myop, Shielding, the Chapter on Angelology.

Trinity: The term used (in a limited, analogous way) to define God\”™s triune nature. Humanity is figuratively created in \”God\”™s Image\” containing elements in the three planes of being: Body, Mind and Spirit (Physical, Thought, and Spiritual).

Trioptos: Enlightenment, or state of Being and Awareness where the three primary dimensions of the individual (Physical, Thought and Spiritual) are in centered alignment and control. The word means \”three vision\” or \”three visible.\” Achieving and maintaining Trioptos requires daily self-discipline of all three aspects of individual Being on the path of Virtue (Trioptos Meditation). There are degrees of Trioptos, the highest degrees taking a lifetime to master. Trioptos also helps the seer obtain high degrees of Focused Intent which will allow for powerful Enchants. See Enchant, Trioptos Meditation, Vice, Virtue.

Trioptos Meditation: A period of disciplined inward reflection on the three dimensions of individual being (Physical, Thought and Spiritual) with the purpose of self-improvement, Enlightenment (Trioptos) and the strengthening of Focused Intent. Also See Focused Intent.

Universal Energy Field /UEF:. See Orgone.

Vice: Sin; the opposite of Virtue. Ignorance; Suffering. Vice is the lower vibrational Physical, Thought and Spiritual energy path of individual Free Will. Embracing Vice causes the Soul great harm and is the path away from Spiritual Enlightenment and Trioptos. See Sin, Trioptos, Virtue.

Virtue: The opposite of Vice. Virtue is a set of choices, behavior and thought that nourish the Soul-body and thus the other planes of individual Being. Virtue is the highest vibrational Physical, Thought and Spiritual energy path of individual Free Will. The pursuit of Virtue moves the individual away from ignorance and provides greater degrees of Enlightenment (Trioptos.) See Trioptos, Vice.

Wand, Magic: See Enchantment, Spiritual Transmitters.

Water: Water is used in spiritual rituals within every faith tradition. Its cleansing properties and essential place within the womb make it an excellent symbol for spiritual cleansing and re-birth. Water has also been used as a symbol of judgment to the unrepentant (i.e. The Biblical Flood, storms and drowning). But there is more to water than simply its metaphorical and symbolic characteristics. Seer scientists state that water is \”somehow linked to the Spiritual Dimension.\” The exact science behind this link is the topic of much research. Also see Dead Sea Water.

Well of Souls: (Guf or the Chamber of Guf\””also Guph, Gup) Hebrew for \”body\”, also called the Otzar (Hebrew for \”treasury\”). The Seers of Jewish mysticism believed it to be the Hall of Souls, located in the Seventh Heaven. Every human soul is held to emanate from the Guf. In keeping with other Jewish legends that envision souls as bird-like, the Guf is sometimes described as a columbarium. Some believe sparrows can see the soul\”™s descent and this explains their joyous chirping.

Will: Specifically in regard to Free Will, Trioptos and Enchantment, it is the desire of the individual. Will is combined with mental focus to achieve states of Enlightenment/Trioptos. It is also used to Intent-Program powerful Enchants (Seer-Magic). Also See Enchantment, Intent, Intent-Program, Trioptos.

Wind, cold: Often a cold wind can be felt in the Physical Dimension when powerful Spiritual Beings become agitated or disturbed. The effects are unpredictable and it is unknown how the \”mental states\” of Spiritual Entities influence the laws of the Physical Dimension. The word wind, or \”pneuma\” is also the same word for \”Spirit\” in the Greek. Thus, both the Septuagint and New Testament documents use this word for both wind and Spirit. Throughout history this word has been used in many scriptures and ancient philosophical texts as a description and metaphor for the life giving qualities of God and life itself (the breath, breath of life).

Wood: Wood is one of the ideal organic substances used for the Physical Shells of Spiritual Weaponry needed to create Spiritual Transmitters. (Acacia Wood is thought to be the most powerful.) Its molecular structure is ideal for channeling energy from the Spiritual plane into the Physical plane. When combined with precious metals, wood seems to work as a type of spiritual catalyst or perhaps a synergistic combination of both organic physical mater and inorganic. See Acacia Wood, Ark of the Covenant, Blood, Enchantment, Mineral, Metal, Ring of the Anti-Christ, Staff of Moses, Physical Shell, Spiritual Transmitters.

Zero-Point Energy: See Orgone.



Pneumasomatology: (New\”™-ma-so-ma-tol\”™-o-ge) or \”Angelology,\” as it is commonly known, is the study of Non-Corporeal Intelligent Spiritual Energy Based Life Forms. Eupneumasomatology (you\”™-new-ma-so-ma-tol\”™-o-ge) is the specific word for the study of Angels, while Kakpneumasomatology (kack\”™-new-ma-so-ma-tol\”™-o-ge) is the study of Demons. But in the common vernacular, \”Angelology\” is suitable for referring to the study of all Intelligent Spiritual Energy Based Life Forms.

The Spiritual World: Unlike the Dimension of the Physical, the World of Angels is non-entropic and does not exist within a closed system of energy. Thus, the laws of Physics and Thermodynamics as we know them do not apply. Energy is perpetual and unlimited; there is no gravity, inertia, or friction. The Spiritual Dimension is a reality beyond our ability to fully comprehend. Spiritual Beings live within this Dimension without the need for food, sleep or protection from the environment. They are completely self-sustaining, eternal, non-physical life forms, limited only by their design and the mysterious laws that govern their realm.

Hierarchy of Spiritual Beings

(Order of Pneumasomas)


Many \”Celestial Hierarchies\” have been formulated over the centuries. The two most famous \”hierarchies\” have been proposed by Pseudo-Dionysius the Areo-pagite in his work, De Coelesti Hierarchia, and Thomas Aquinas in Summa Theologica. These authors, as well as many others throughout history, drew upon passages of scripture to develop elaborate hierarchical structures. But when one examines the passages of scripture they used to construct their systems, it is clear that these men did not understand the foundational concepts of either Spiritual Energy or Hermeneutics, namely: 1) The Trans-Dimensional law of Cognitive Projection (a concept only known to Seers), and 2) Grammatico-Historical Hermeneutical principles such as Literary Form Analysis. The omission of this latter principle is most clear in their lack of distinction and understanding between Anthropomorphic Language, Phenomenological Language, Apocalyptic Symbolism, Metaphor and other figurative language, with explicate Didactic Language. Furthermore, it is quite clear that these men were not Seers. Thus, these redactors did not understand the descriptions the Seers (Prophets) gave regarding their visions. Therefore, these proposed \”hierarchies\” are overworked, lacking and simply incorrect.

The approach I follow in our \”Celestial Hierarchy\” is based on the modern and scientific understanding of Trans-Dimensional Law and Spiritual Energy, combined with scriptural and other literary references written by Seers (Prophets) describing their experiences with the Spiritual Dimension. Thus, our \”Hierarchy of Spiritual Beings\” is crafted from the merging of \”science\” and \”religion.\”

The Celestial Hierarchy based on Cognitive Projection

Hierarchy Explained

From the highest vibrational Spiritual Energies down, we start our \”hierarchy\” from the \”top:\”


Theos, God, Infinite Intelligence and Love, \”The Universe\”: Theos \”exists\” outside of Space-Time, yet is omnipresent. Theos is the highest form of Spiritual Energy, yet is beyond our understanding of \”energy\” and is also the Creator of energy. Theos is listed within our hierarchy only through analogy as \”Higher Vibrational Energy.\” Theos is not bound or subject to any concepts within any \”hierarchy,\” as Theos is the highest Concept, beyond Concept and the Creator of Concept. See God in the Glossary for more information.


Space-Time Barrier: Since Theos \”exists\” outside of Space-Time and Dimension, (yet is also omnipresent) a metaphorical barrier exists between Theos and the other Spiritual Beings within the hierarchy. See Space-Time.


Cherubim, Seraphim, and Ophanim: \”Stepping down\” in our \”hierarchy\” we come to the Spiritual Beings that exist \”closest\” to Theos in vibrational frequency. This realm is historically known as the \”First Sphere\” (which is simply a philosophical-religious term to describe what we now know as a different \”realm\” of vibrational energy.) For those familiar with Pseudo-Dionysius\”™s hierarchy, we are simply borrowing his terms since they seemed to \”stick\” not only within popular Myopean Theology, but also within the Seers\”™ nomenclature as well. The Cherubim, Seraphim, and Ophanim (or \”Thrones\”) vibrate at such a high frequency of Spiritual Energy that they are often given God-like descriptions. They are rarely seen in human history as they vibrate outside the Spiritual spectral range visible to Seers. However, when these Creatures have shown themselves to a Seer, their forms appear so abstract and surreal, that it seems to push the very limits of the inherent efficacy of Cognitive Projection. Due to the very few sighting of these Creatures, little is known about them. Whether or not these Beings have power over the Archangels is doubted, rather it is believed that their higher vibrational energies simply enable them to perform specific functions along the borders of Space-Time and the edges of Dimension. Some Seer scholars have proposed that these Beings help regulate Space-Time, the laws of trans-dimensional physics, and are used by Infinite Intelligence as a sort of \”finely tuned instrument\” to manage the mysterious inter-workings of the Omniverse.


Archangels: Stepping down again, we move into the \”Second Sphere\” of vibrational frequency, the sphere of Angels. The Archangels are best described as metaphorical \”Marines.\” They are the \”strongest\” and \”fastest\” of the Angels and are fit with superior spiritual weaponry. Unlike common Guardian Angels, Archangels have the ability to leave their Mortal Assignments to fight in spiritual battles anywhere they are needed. Although Archangels will often command Angels, it is not clear if a rigid command structure is followed, or if the Angels work together, naturally following the stronger, more capable Archangels.


Angels: Remaining within the \”Second Sphere\” we come to the Angels, or often referred to as \”Guardian Angels.\” Angels are of the same \”race\” of Spiritual Beings as Archangels; however, they are not equipped with the same spiritual weaponry and are typically not as powerful as Archangels. It should be noted here that Demons are also the same type of Spiritual Being as Angels and Archangels, and although they \”attract\” lower vibrational energies, (all dimensions of Vice) they are still constructed of the same vibrational energy as Angels.

Powers, Principalities, Rulers, Dominions, Messengers and Spirits are also other names for both Angels and Archangels. When these terms are used, they generally refer to Angels that have certain tasks or \”dominion\” within the Spiritual Dimension and are not bound to a Mortal Assignment. See Angel, Archangel, Demon and Guardian Angel.


Low-Sentient Spiritual Beings, Auto-Formatic Lifeforms (Auto-Forms): Little is known about the \”Third Sphere\” Spiritual Beings other than that they are low-sentient. When seen, they will often Cognitive Project as clouds or smoke. It is believed that they are more \”energy\” than \”Being,\” having little or no Will of their own. We have learned in recent years that some types of these Beings (perhaps the ones we now call \”Auto-Forms\”) are used like we use timber, concrete and the physical elements of our Dimension; used to construct spiritual armor and \”Spiritual Fortresses\” by both the Angels and Demons alike. But unlike matter in the Physical Dimension, Spiritual Energy is non-entropic and does not decay, thus these Beings can be \”reassembled\” into other structures in perpetuity. They can also be \”commanded\” to \”reform\” themselves into different Spiritual objects, structures, or technologies based on the Will of the Entity commanding them. Dr. Underwood believes that Spiritual technology is completely constructed from these life forms and that entire spiritual weapon factories are built out of them, being completely automated, perhaps similar to computer controlled robotic factories in our Dimension. \”Moths\” and \”Leaches\” are also believed to be Demon programmed Auto-Forms. Thus, these Beings contain high intelligence, which seems to be completely \”programmable\” with the ability to take the shape and form of the most complex and elaborate technologies. One thing is certain; there are no analogous Beings like them in our Dimension. See Auto-Formatic Lifeforms, Leach, and Moth in the Glossary.


Characteristics of Angels

The Form/Body of Angels: Unlike humans, Spiritual Beings are not Tri-Dimensional. They have only one body and it is made of Spiritual Energy. Thus, they do not have other Dimensional Bodies that exist within the Physical or Thought Dimensions.


The Spiritual bodies of Angels appear human-like (anthro-pomorphic), having a head with a face, and a body with arms and legs\””all of it glowing with bright lumines-cence. Angels have appeared with wings and other animal-like features throughout human history, but are often seen differently from Seer to Seer. In times past (and in certain contemporary primitive cul-tures), Angels normally ap-peared with beautiful white feathered wings, while Demons had bat-like wings with tails and horns. Although Spiritual Beings do not need wings since there is no gravity in the Spiritual Dimension, they have appeared with wings for most of history because humanity had a limited understanding of the laws of the Physical and Spiritual Dimension. Thus, this cognitive and subconscious understanding of reality was \”projected\” into visions of the Spiritual Dimension, \”giving Angels wings.\” This phenomena continues today and is one of the trans-dimensional laws of the Omniverse. It is called Cognitive Projection.

The educated Seer knows that Cognitive Projection is malleable and can be controlled to a certain extent. For example, in modern times Angels usually do not appear with wings since the mind of modern man understands the concept of gravity and other cosmic laws (whether consciously or subconscious); yet many Seers still prefer to see Angels \”the old fashioned way\” (with wings) and their desire is transferred through Cognitive Projection and made into reality. However, the malleability of Cognitive Projection is limited. For example, the eyes of Demons seem to always appear red to the Seer, while Angel\”™s eyes are not. It is conjectured that this \”demonic look\” is part of the outward manifestation of the Demons\”™ cursed Spiritual Form.

It has been argued that the true Spiritual Form of an Angel not only does not have wings, but also does not have arms and legs. The logic behind this argument is that since legs imply the need for bi-petal locomotion, a purely physical and gravity-dependent concept, then the appearance of human appendages is nothing more than a product of Cognitive Projection. These same proponents believe that Angels are not really anthropomorphic at all, but amorphous free flowing energy. However, the majority of Seer scholars believe that Angels appear human-like because: 1) their form was designed as a sort of prototype for the creation of man to exist in the physical domain, while the appearance of wings and other animal-like features are more the product of Cognitive Projection. And/or 2) that since Angels can transmute their form into the Physical Dimension, that they are human-formed out of functional necessity; that Angels are actually designed to live in both the Spiritual and Physical Dimension, and perhaps at one time in human history Angels frequently walked among us. See Cognitive Projection and Creation.


The reason Angels appear to \”glow,\” just as our own spirit bodies do, is due to the high vibrational state of Spiritual Energy. This raises a question regarding the perception of Demons as, although their bodies usually appear bright like Angels since they are made of the same Spiritual Energy, they often Cognitive Project as dark beings. \”Old Fashioned\” Cognitive Projection depicted Demons as dark bat-like creatures with no glow at all. In these cases, it is safe to assume that the evil intent of Demons is symbolically transferred into a visual manifestation through the mysterious laws of Cognitive Projection. This same Symbolic Visualization explains why Angels appear bright and beautiful (unless they come in Judgment.) Others claim that although Symbolic Visualization is a primary mechanism of Cognitive Projection, it does not rule out the possibility that some Spiritual Beings can change form. The Seers that espouse this theory call these theoretical Beings, Morphians.

Angels\”™ bodies also have the ability to enter our Dimension through transmutation, either in part (such as only a hand or arm), or completely; either visible or invisible. Although these Transmuted Spiritual Bodies may look human (if in their visible state), they are not anything like our physical bodies, lacking skeletal, endocrine, circulatory, nervous, and reproductive systems, etc. Because Angels\”™ Transmuted Bodies lack our nervous system and sensory perception abilities, Angels do not experience the Physical Dimension with pleasure (which is just one of the many reasons why Demons desire to possess human souls, rather then enter our Dimension in a Transmuted State). Transmuted bodies also have great power and are extremely dense. Essentially they are like \”super men\” or \”gods\” in our Dimension (thus, the origins of the \”Greek gods\”). But it is believed that Angels and Demons rarely enter our Dimension because they can be killed by Transmuted Spiritual Weaponry as well as the powerful weapons of modern man. Thus, it is a risk for Spiritual Beings to Transmute their bodies and as long as Angels remain in the Spiritual Dimension, they can never die.

Therapneumasoma: Therapneumasomaology is the study of how Guardian Angels protect humans with their Spiritual Bodies, and has been a topic of great interest in our modern age. Invisible (or visible) Transmuted Spiritual Body protection seems to be the most common form of Therapneumsoma. Examples are instances where someone survives a car wreck or plane crash untouched, or is unharmed by flames and ammunition fire. These sorts of examples are commonplace and often make the news as amazing examples of good luck. Angels\”™ bodies also are known to have certain powers and control over the physical word. This is believed to be the case whether they are in their Spiritual or Transmuted forms. This is a topic for which many volumes have been written, most of which are theoretical. However, practically speaking, like human beings, spiritual beings have their own unique talents and therefore their own limits and capabilities to protect their mortal assignments in this way. It is also clear that Angels have limits to their powers to protect humanity, otherwise human free-will would become reckless and Vice-filled.

Spiritual Warfare Protection: Just as Angels work to protect the physical body of humans, they also (and even more diligently) work to protect the human soul from demonic attack. From attack with swords and other spiritual weaponry, a Guardian is forever diligent in protecting his Mortal Assignment to the greatest of their abilities. (However, it should be noted here that despite the protection from Guardians, the individual\”™s soul still may become corrupted out of their own choices to pursue Vice. Or, conversely, a guardian may fail regularly from protecting their assignment\”™s soul-body\””as is often the case for a Seer when the Archangel is called elsewhere to battle\””and the persistent demon attacks may prove little harm to the individual\”™s soul due to their disciplined path of Virtue.)

The most common Spiritual Weapon is the Angel\”™s or Demon\”™s sword. These swords are actually Energy Wands, but are generally seen as human weapons by the Seer (due to Cognitive Projection). Spiritual weapons are most likely constructed of concentrated forms of high frequency Orgonic Energy. At least one Seer-Scientist (Dr. Preston Underwood) believes that Orgonic Energy is \”cast\” into spiritual weapons or other invisible objects. These weapons will cause harm to Spiritual Beings when \”stabbed\” or \”cut.\” Although Spiritual Beings cannot be \”killed\” by them (unless in their Transmuted Spiritual Body), it is known that strikes from these weapons will cause temporary damage to the spirit body of an Angel or Demon. Spirit Armor appears to be impenetrable, thus heavily armored Archangels usually can fight indefinitely without injury. Swords/Energy Wands cannot harm a human soul unless the weapon makes contact with a diseased portion of a soul (a lower vibrational energy portion of the soul-body). Spiritual Weaponry generally appears like human weaponry to the Seer, but to the educated Seer, appears as glowing forms of energy. Swords/Energy Wands can be linked to an object within the physical plane (Physical Shell). When this happens, the physical object becomes a Spiritual Transmitter. See Swords (of Angels and Demons).


Due to the trans-dimensional law of Cognitive Projection, Angels appeared as delicate bird-like creatures with soft-feathered wings to the ancients. However, if they came in Judgment, they didn\”™t appear so gentle.


Demons usually appeared as bat-like creatures with horns, long teeth, tails and clawed feet. In modern cultures, both Angels and Demons typically are seen without animal characteristics.


Reproduction: Since Angels are \”sexless\” Beings, they cannot procreate with other Angels, humans, or reproduce asexually. The only way a Spiritual Being can procreate with a human is by possessing the soul of a human. Thus, this act would only be done by a Demon, as Angels forbid themselves from possessing human souls.


When Demons have mated with humans in ancient times (via possessed bodies), it is believed that their offspring were called the Nephilim or \”sons of god.\” The Nephilim were believed to be a race of giants. There is much debate regarding the various theories, but one predominate theory states that Demons used their superior knowledge of DNA manipulation and Spiritual Energy Transmutation to manipulate and alter the human gene pool so they could possess human bodies that were larger and more powerful, thus, the explanation for \”race of giants.\” Some have argued that since Goliath was called a Nephilim, that modified \”Demon DNA\” still exists within the human gene pool and occasionally makes its way to the surface. Others have argued that the Nephilim were beings from another Physical plane and that the Demons brought them into our Physical plane after they took Possession of their bodies. And yet another theory states that the Nephilim are Cyclopes, as these creatures are also giants and have been discussed extensively in various ancient sources. It is generally believed without debate within the Seer community that Cyclopes continue to exist within another plane of the Physical Dimension (whether they are \”the Nephilim\” or not). Thus, the theory that Demons possessed Cyclopes and brought them into our plane of Dimension for procreation and domination over humanity is quite possible.

Sustenance: Angels\”™ energy and sustenance is believed to come from the non-entropic energy that saturates the Spiritual Dimension. Therefore, Angels never require sleep or food. Some Seer scholars maintain that Angels are self-contained non-entropic energy forms themselves, thus their bodies are self-sustaining with no loss or gain of energy independent of their environment. It is often witnessed that Angels will tire and lose energy during battles and can be wounded, thus short-term energy loss and injury can occur. But fatigue will quickly fade and injuries will always heal, assuming they remain within the Spiritual Dimension and do not transmute themselves into our Dimension.

Although Angels have all the sustenance they require, Demons are continually looking to \”Feed\” on the Bioenergy within the Physical Dimension (accomplished through Possession). When Demons engage in Feeding, it is believed that they experience something analogous to a human getting \”high.\” These Demonic pursuits are part of their Vice-filled nature, always wanting more. It is a Lustful satisfaction for Demons to experience and taste energies from Mortals as well as all experiences within the Physical Plane through Soul-Possession. Demons can become so \”addicted\” to Feeding, that they will gladly possess the physical bodies of lower life forms after they have been cast-out of a human (Matthew 8:28-34; Luke 8:26-39) just to get another \”fix\” of Bioenergy. See Feeding and Bioenergy.


Mobility: Angels can travel faster than light-speed, but require a moment of thought before embarking on journeys requiring tachyon speeds. This is known as superluminal travel. Unlike physical beings, Angels can also transverse the many levels of their Dimension without the need of Dimensional Portals. Thus, tachyon speeds are necessary as it is said that the Spiritual Dimension is not only infinite outside (width), but infinite inside (depth) as it may be possible that the Spiritual Dimension has an infinite numbers of sub-dimensions.

When Archangels travel to battle, no matter how remote, it is not the length of the journey that is the challenge, but the obstacles. It is recorded in the book of Daniel (10:13) that an Angel (believed to be Gabriel) was delayed in his journey due to the \”Prince of Persia.\” In this instance the \”Prince\” was referring the to Demon who controlled the Persian empire.

Communication: Since Angels have existed before the creation of Man and have access to knowledge far beyond that of the corporate consciousness of humanity, it is natural for young Seers to question their Guardian about past events of history or \”the secrets of the universe.\” However, Angels are typically non-responsive to such questions since it is not part of their mission design to \”chat\” or discuss \”things of the past\” or \”the inner workings of the unseen.\” Angels are very serious and diligent spiritual warriors who only speak to their Mortal Assignments when their mission depends on it. There are some Seer writings that reflect on and reveal conversations with Angels, but the range of interpretation is diverse, so very little formal doctrine and science can be concluded.

Demons, however, can be quite talkative. When Seer Guardians (Archangels) are away from their Mortal Assignment on missions, Demons will routinely talk to Seers (be warned!) and attempt to \”be friends.\” They will tell all sorts of stories about \”human history\” and the \”secret laws of the Universe.\” Of course, Demons can never be trusted.

Soul Diseases

The Soul of the Individual:

The human soul (spirit) is healthiest at birth, being completely pure from Vice. It is innocent, pure, and glowing with a brilliant radiance equaled only by Spiritual Beings. As the abundant paths of Vice inevitably make their mark, the soul loses some of its original luster and, if Vices are pursued without conscience, the lower vibrational frequencies of these choices corrupt the soul, lowering the high vibration of the soul-body, thereby causing soul-disease.

Soul-diseases are very harmful not only because they damage the soul-body, but also because they harm the Physical and Thought Dimensions of the individual, as they are cosmically linked together (tri-dimensionally) as one individual Being. Soul-disease is also very harmful because the diseased lower vibrational portions of the soul-body are susceptible to attack from spiritual weaponry. (See Churning, Disease, Spiritual Weaponry, Soul-Whispering, and Sword in the Glossary.)

It is important for the Individual to not only preserve his soul for the obvious reasons, namely his place in the eternal Spiritual Dimension, and also not only for the damage to the Physical and Thought Dimensions of Being, but also due to the Individual\”™s place within the greater cosmic body. As the scriptures say, \”we are all living stones, building up a Spiritual Temple.\” Therefore, we should not become stones that crumble, which will need to be removed and cast-out so they do not cause harm to the sound structure of the entire Temple. We must be as the passage says, \”living stones\” and being \”living,\” as the analogy suggests, is to be strong and healthy\””suitable for use within the greater structure. To use another analogy, just as the healthy cells of the human body are individuals, having their own functions, they also serve the larger body. We too are the same, both individual, but also part of a larger cosmic Intelligence.

The diseases of the soul-body visually amount to three, very clear symptoms. In order of increasing severity they are: 1) The darkening of the soul\”™s brightness (whether in patches or globally.) The healthy soul glows brightly like a fluorescent light bulb. 2) Texture of the soul becoming more \”skin-like.\” The optimal highest vibrational energy of the soul\”™s \”skin surface\” has no texture, appearing like flexible glass. 3) \”Disease spots,\” which, due to the law of Cognitive Projection, appear like deepening skin textures, acne, bruises, warts, boils, cancerous growths and tumors, and lacerations and gouges. Disease spots can be either global or localized.

Close-Up Spiritography of Diseased Soul-Flesh


Middle stages of Greed Disease, global condition, but concentrated on soul-chest region from origin


Global skin texture with varying distortions: Middle stage, Self-Deception Disease


\”Indifferent \”“Sloth\” Disease. Global deep skin texture with dark spots


\”Jealously spot,\” with surrounding textured soul-skin


Suppressed-Anger crevice with surrounding textured soul-skin


Mid-later stages of Lust Disease, surrounding soul\”™s \”genital area\”

Stages of Soul-Disease:

Soul-diseases can be Short-lived, Acute or Chronic.

Short-lived soul-diseases enflame the soul for a short period of time due to the individual using Free Will to withdraw from the path of Vice before the disease enters the acute or chronic stages. This would be analogous to the physical body getting a \”cold.\”

Acute soul-disease is characterized by the individual\”™s high intensity and involvement with the particular Vice (addictions are a prime example). Acute diseases have been known to \”burn themselves out,\” as the effects to the Physical and Mental Dimensions often result in severe trauma, often causing the individual to \”hit rock-bottom.\” When this happens, the self-defense mechanism of catharsis is finally initiated (repentance) and the individual can begin healing from the disease. If the individual\”™s Free Will is embedded (highly stubborn) within the Vice and catharsis is not initiated, then eventual self-destruction is inevitable, or prior to this, demon possession. Acute soul-disease would be analogous to a severe physical disease or illness that ultimately requires hospitalization for the body to survive. If Demon possession occurs, the physical body of the individual may live on for many years (and may in fact go through levels of healing) since the controlling Spiritual Entity has invested interests in keeping the host body alive and functioning. Possession may be Complete, Shared, or Parasitic (see Possession in the Glossary for more information.)

Chronic soul-disease is simply an on-going, often suppressed state, of Vice embracement that can last for decades. The chronic condition can worsen or heal intermittently depending on the state of the individual\”™s conscience and embracement of Vice. Chronic Soul-Disease would be analogous to a physical illness, which is curable, but either continues to exist in the body for many years, or goes in and out of remission-like states.

A note of thanks to Dr. Preston Underwood for his excellent macro spirit photos.

Prescriptions for Soul Healing

(Methods for Raising the Vibrational State

of the Spiritual Dimension of Identity)

Quick Reference Chart for Soul Health

Since all forms of Vice embracement originate with Pride (the Physical Dimension of the Individual desiring self-rule), which is always a State of Wanting and thus a lower vibrational frequency, pursuing a State of Thankfulness is always the first prescription for Vice intervention and conscience strengthening. Thankfulness, like all Virtue, is a higher vibrational state of energy which helps magnetize the individual to higher vibrational energies. Thankfulness is a prerequisite for the second prescription to take effect. For these cures to be effective, they must be applied with Willful, Focused Intent.

For further protection against Vice and Soul-Disease, see the next section of the Handbook: Trioptos Meditation.

Trioptos Meditation

An Overview

Trioptos\”™s etiological foundation comes from the understanding that humanity is (figuratively) made in the image of God and is thus, a Triune Being. Humanity\”™s triunity is found within their dimensions of individual being: the Physical Body, Thought Body and Spiritual Body.

Trioptos means \”three vision.\” Trioptos is full Enlightenment\””it is the state of Being where the three dimensions of the individual are in centered alignment and control. Achieving and maintaining Trioptos requires daily meditation (aka, silent prayer). There are degrees of Trioptos, the highest degrees taking a lifetime to master.

Practicing Trioptos is not only for the Seer, as all humans are triune in nature. Seers may teach this practice to Myopeans when they wish to learn. Popular forms of Myopean meditation are similar and all have their roots in ancient Trioptos Meditation, as it was the Seer that introduced meditation to humanity.

Practicing daily Meditation enables disciplined control, harmony and alignment of the three dimensions of the individual, thus not only protecting the individual from soul-diseases and Demonic attacks, but also building the needed focus for Seers to live within the physical world without being subject to hospitalization as a \”schizophrenic\” or other mental disorder labels commonly given to Seers. Thus Trioptos also enables the Seer to communicate coherently with Myops, helping and guiding humanity as we are called to do\”” as we are still, despite living in the modern age, the Prophets of Humanity.

Trioptos also helps the Seer strenghten their Seer abilities (powers, charismas). One of the most famous stories of Seer-power is the story of Samson. Samson had the gift of Seer-Strength (now called Samsonism). The scriptures say that when Samson\”™s hair was long, he was filled with the power, but when his hair was short, the power left him. This story is believed to be a picture of focused Seer discipline. In ancient times longer hair required maintenance and disciple to manage, while short hair was much easier to take care of (we often take our modern bathing technologies for granted). Note how the ancient Egyptians shaved all of their hair so the daily difficulty of maintenance was removed. Likewise, when the Seer lives a life of discipline using Trioptos as a foundation, the Seer can build power and control of their Seer-Gifts.

To engage in the daily discipline of Trioptos, work with your mentor or contact me at the Seer Library for guidance.

Benjamin Franklin\”™s

Virtue List


In his autobiography (written for the myop population), the Great Seer and founder of the United States Branch of the Ancient Order of Seers, Benjamin Franklin prioritized a list of Virtues.

He believed that Virtues were not only inter-connected, but were also built upon one another. Developing his teachings from the exhaustive study of ancient Seer and Religious texts, he found that building strong \”Foundation Virtues\” enabled the growth of all Virtue. A fitting analogy would be that the doors, windows and capstones of a building are only as strong as what the cornerstones can support. Thus, for Franklin (and the many Seers that espouse his teachings), Temperance, Silence, Order, and Resolution are cornerstones for the success and development of other virtues.

Franklin believed that Temperance was the most important of all virtues. He taught that if one does not live by Temperance and instead endulges their physical desires, then the physical body is less capable of functioning optimally and will therefore have less power and focus to develop the other virtues. This thought, of course, is in agreement with Trioptos meditation practices. Having an undisciplined body negativily affects the Mind and Spirit dimensions.

The Franklin Virtue List as it appears in his myopean autobiography:

1. Temperance

Eat not to dullness; drink not to elevation.

2. Silence.

Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation.

3. Order.

Let all your things have their places; let each part of your business have its time.

4. Resolution.

Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve.

5. Frugality.

Make no expense but to do good to others or yourself; i. e., waste nothing.

6. Industry.

Lose no time; be always employ\”™d in something useful; cut off all unnecessary actions.

7. Sincerity.

Use no hurtful deceit; think innocently and justly; and, if you speak, speak accordingly.

8. Justice.

Wrong none by doing injuries, or omitting the benefits that are your duty.

9. Moderation.

Avoid extreams; forbear resenting injuries so much as you think they deserve.

10. Cleanliness.

Tolerate no uncleanliness in body, cloaths, or habitation.

11. Tranquillity.

Be not disturbed at trifles, or at accidents common or unavoidable.

12. Chastity.

13. Humility.


Although Franklin\”™s list contains much truth, it should be noted that each of our physical bodies and minds are given unique talents at birth, as well as Seer-talents. We are each given to greater or lesser Virtues, some being more naturally filled with Humility, others Moderation, etc. Thus, Franklin\”™s list should be personalized and adapted for each individual as they practice their Trioptos Meditation.

Hermeneutical Principles

For Understanding the Scriptures

Compiled from Seer Texts


Introduction and Order of Interpretation

Using visual analogy, the above diagram depicts the basic order of scriptural interpretation used by most scholars within the Ancient Order of Seers. Divisions with the Ancient Order vary, but none deviate from the core consensus, which is: reliance on a healthy Spirit (Soul) and the basic principles of the Grammatico-Historical School.

The diagram is to be read from bottom up. Concepts on the bottom are the most foundational and need to be used first in scriptural analysis; where as the concepts toward the top are less foundational (but still of high importance) and are to be applied in order of appearance.

Like a brick or stone structure, the bedrock and base stones support the entire structure and each subsequent layer is supported by the preceding. Thus, once a hermeneutical concept (stone) is applied to a passage of scripture, this concept is not discarded, but used to support subsequent concepts\””each concept \”builds\” on the previous. The lower layers never depart from existence and are in perpetual use, they continually bear the weight of the layers above. Likewise, as the exegete (interpreter) continues higher on the structure, they often need to rely on earlier layers, and may very well need to take a few steps down on occasion as more information about the passage is discovered. (i.e., If after further research an exegete learns that the historical circumstances of the text under analysis are different from originally determined, then the exegete must \”go back down\” to the Historical Context brick and reevaluate the text from this new perspective.)

Hermeneutical Concepts (Stones) Definition Summary

\”“ Described in order of usage, \”bottom up\” \”“

Indwelling Spirit or Soul\””Keeping the Spirit healthy by embracing Virtue and turning from Vice enables the individual to receive high frequencies of Spiritual energy and information with less interference. Without a healthy Spirit, the exegete would mostly rely on the physical and Thought planes of perception\””which cannot be trusted without the guiding of the Spirit, because the Spirit is equipped for communication with Infinite Intelligence. Although some have argued that the Thought plane can be reliable since it employs reason and logic, it cannot be trusted fully since thought emanates from the physical plane, that is, the brain organ, which transmits into the thought plane. Furthermore, an unhealthy spiritual plane (Spirit) may bring negative energy into the thought plane from lower energies that exist in the Spiritual plane since lower forms of spiritual energies can enter the thought plane. Also, non-physical beings of ill intent have the ability to influence the human brain through their own transmission of lower spiritual frequencies, which transmute into thought energy. Therefore, the first tenet of optimum hermeneutics is a healthy Spirit that is in communication with Infinite Intelligence. \”\”¦But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him\”¦\” (1 Cor. 2:9-16)

Grammatico-Historical Method\””As indicated by the name, this important method focuses on a proper understanding of grammar and history in order to apprehend the correct meaning of the text. It strives to understand what the author actually meant at the time of the writing, thus the language of the author must be interpreted by the standard rules for grammar. The historical aspect of this method requires us to familiarize ourselves with the author\”™s surroundings, namely the culture(s) and traditions of the day, the history, the audience, the political climate, and the geography. When the exegete understands the circumstances under which the author wrote, he is better able to understand the message. There are many components of the Grammatico-Historical Method, which are visually represented by the bricks above this title.

Genre Analysis\””The fist step of Grammatico-Historical thinking is to identify the genre of literature. However, in light of the Grammatico-Historical method, we must also be aware of the historical perspective of genre. That is, we must know how the people of the day interpreted the genre, not just how we think it should be interpreted from our perspective. Once the correct genre of a book or passage is identified and we know how this genre was interpreted in its day, we are better equipped to correctly study it. For example, if we are studying prophecy written by a Hebrew Seer to a Hebrew audience, we know that the Hebrews used much symbolism and metaphor. Thus we must search for symbolism and not take clearly symbolic passages as literal. Whereas, if we are reading the genre of historical narrative, although metaphor may be used within it, the overall narrative (including accounts of miracles) is to be taken as literal, historical fact.

Historical Context\””This describes the historical setting in which the book was written. Historical context does not simply describe general historical events surrounding the author, but all aspects of the time such as the different cultures, religions, philosophies, and lifestyles of the day. Knowing these aspects enables us to get a mental snapshot of the author\”™s time in history and helps us understand the attitudes and themes expressed in Scripture.

Occasion\””Similar to the Historical Context and also inseparable, the occasion is the \”why\” a book or passage was written. Understanding the \”why\” also includes knowing the \”who\” (the audience). Determining the occasion enables us to more fully see meanings and a particular focus that might not have been clear otherwise.

Literary Context\””Literary context describes the context within the actual text of Scripture. Literary context may be divided further between the Remote and Immediate.

Remote Context\””Remote context may involve the flow of an entire book, paragraph or section of Scripture. We cannot expect to understand the themes of a book of Scripture if we start reading from the middle of the book instead of at the beginning\””we would be reading \”out of context.\”

Immediate Context\””This describes the context which immediately precedes or follows a given word or sentence.

Scope\””The scope is the chief end or purpose that the author has in view within the book or passage. Knowing the Scope will help keep the exegete from being distracted by the supporting points of the text.

Plan\””The Plan is how the writing is arranged and organized. It is the sequence of thoughts in which the author pursues in order to communicate the message. Recognizing the Plan helps the exegete apprehend the Scope.

Literary Forms\””Metaphor, simile, hyperbole, metonymy, and idioms are examples of literary forms. Not recognizing basic literary forms has led to many misinterpretations that have created divisions within the Ancient Order of the Seers.

Word Meaning\””Stressing the grammar aspect of the Grammatico-Historical method, it is obviously very important to determine the correct definitions of the words employed. Language tools will often need to be consulted if the exegete does not know the original language of the text. Word meaning can be divided into two categories, Etymologies/Synonyms, and the usus loqendi.

Etymologies/Synonyms\””Etymology is the origin and history of a word. Knowing how a word was created or how its meaning has changed over time will often provide a better understanding of its core definition.

A synonym is a word that has a similar range of meaning with another word. Often the exact point of a passage will be missed if the proper distinction between synonyms is not recognized. (i.e., The New Testament contains different synonyms for \”love\” and often uses a particular synonym to emphasize a certain aspect or characteristic of love, c.f. Jn. 21:15-17. Without knowing the exact meanings of the synonyms, the meaning of the passage is lost.)

usus loqendi\””More important than etymology and synonym, the usus loqendi is the current usage of words as employed by the author, or as they are understood in a certain time in history. There are two aspects of the usus loqendi, the general or common meaning and the particular meaning.

General usus loqendi\””The general meaning is simply the most common definition of words as was used in the particular age they were written.

Particular usus loqendi\””The particular meaning is how the author meant for the words to be understood. Often an author may actually define the terms. However in cases where the author does not define the terms, context is extremely important in determining the Particular usus loqendi. (i.e., In the modern American phrase, \”in Florida, you have to go north to go south\”, the usus loqendi for \”north\” is the direction opposite of south, while the usus loqendi for \”south\” is defined as the \”culture of The South.\” \”North\” is defined as a General usus loqendi, while \”south\” is defined as a Particular usus loqendi.)

The Analogy of Faith (Analogy, or Proportion of Scripture)\””Based on Sacra Scriptura sui interpres (Scripture interprets Scripture), the Analogy of Faith indicates the common harmony of fundamental doctrine which pervades the entire Scriptures. Since the Scriptures are a compilation of progressive revelation, being cumulative, and interwoven into one organic work, we therefore must naturally compare analogous concepts, teachings and passages of Scripture with one other in order to determine doctrine. The Creeds and the various Systematic Theologies (platforms of Theology) have all been compiled and organized using the Analogy of Faith principle.

The Analogy of Faith is the last step in hermeneutics because it requires that exegetes know the meaning of a text thoroughly before comparing it with other passages and Parallel Passages. After we have completed the Grammatico-Historical method, the Analogy of Faith should come naturally to the well-versed Seer. Practicing the Analogy of Faith not only enables us to study, formulate and refine our creeds and doctrine, but it also may reveal more about a specific text when the discovery of Parallel Passages are found elsewhere in scripture (such as the Gospel narratives and the parables).

There are two degrees of the Analogy of Faith: Positive Analogy and General Analogy.

Positive Analogy\””This degree of analogy refers to the doctrines of Scripture that are so clearly and positively stated, and supported by so many distinct passages, that there is no question as to the existence and meaning of these doctrines and truths.

General Analogy\””General analogy does not rest on explicit text statements but upon the obvious import of scriptural teachings taken as a whole. It is made apparent by a broad and careful comparison of all that the Scriptures teach on any given subject.

About the Author

M.D. Kaczkowski is founder of The Center for Alloplastic Facial Reconstruction in Little Rock, AR, where he serves as president and lead practitioner, designing and fitting ocular and facial prosthetic reconstructions. He is also an artist and medical inventor, with many of his technologies in use by hundreds of patients worldwide. The seeds of his \”Scilestial Fiction\” literary platform developed from his work in the science and medical fields.

Fascinated with his studies of theology, physics, philosophy and ancient civilizations, as a young man he embarked on a personal spiritual quest driven by a hard-wired obsession to harmonize the demystifying discoveries of science with the enlightened virtues of religion. His journey continues today with much of his findings reflected within the rich metaphor and symbolism of The Seers.

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