Welcome to the world of the Seers.

The QR codes and weblinks from any of The Seers books will introduce you to additional information relevant to the links’ location in the book.

Sometimes the web-material will be minimal, perhaps containing only a picture or two; other times, vast and expansive, opening the reader to videos, music, narrations, new stories, internet reference sites, and soon – even games.

If you use a QR code reader, be sure to click the option to view the link in your mobile web browser after the page appears in the QR code scanning app window. This will enable you to have full functionality.

If you’ve arrived here by manually entering a web address printed in the book, note that all QR code linked content can easily be accessed from the Book Links tab on the menu bar.

The Seers Experience is continually growing, with the linked information being updated and expanded frequently. Feel free to re-visit the links from time to time to see what is new.

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Enjoy The Journey!



M.D. Kaczkowski.


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