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Praises For The Seers:

“In this expertly crafted novel, M.D. Kaczkowski takes the reader on an illuminating and intriguing journey, ultimately revealing the true nature of energy, emotions, consciousness and the deeper purpose of humanity’s journey through Time and Space.”



– Jack Canfield

Co-author of the New York Times best selling
Chicken Soup for the Soul series
and featured teacher in “The Secret”.



“Great work! This book will have a loyal cult following.”

– John Ostaphkovich

KWY AM, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



“I haven’t had a book like this come across my desk, EVER.”

– Tootie Cooksey

WILY Radio, St. Louis, Missouri



“If Dan Brown and Gene Roddenberry sat down together, this is what they would come up with.”

– Anne James

KSEN AM Shelby, Montana



“Certainly a first of its kind and far more than a crime novel, this is a complex drama.

– Dave Mullarky

WISR AM, Butler, Pennsylvania



“This book is definitely outside the box … you won’t be able to put it down … this is where the future of books is headed.”

– Christan Wolford

WBEX-AM, Columbus Ohio



“A good read to escape everyday life … Very enlightening and a lot of fun.”

– Bruce Owens

WLNA-AM, New York City, New York