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5 Star Review on

Seregon O’Dassey just gave “The Seers” an amazing book review. She states: “This is probably one of the most metaphorically ostentatious books I’ve ever read, in a good way. Non fiction explained within a fictional story, not one word or character’s name is coincidence.” Check it out and write your own review at



Did a live radio interview with Tootie Cooksey of WILY Radio, St. Louis, Missouri this morning. She says,”I haven’t had a book like this come across my desk, EVER.” Thank you Tootie, for your observations and review.


Literary Genetic Splicing?

Anne James, of KSEN AM, in Shelby, Montana gave me an interview this morning and stated this astute observation: “If Dan Brown and Gene Roddenberry sat down together, this is what they would come up with.” Well put Anne, I appreciate the positive review!